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Wartime Bosnian Muslim commander Atif Dudakovic among a dozen Mohammedans arrested on war crimes charges

SARAJEVO (Reuters) – Police arrested Bosnian Muslim wartime commander Atif Dudakovic and 11 senior members of his Corps on Friday on suspicion of committing crimes against humanity during Bosnia’s 1992-95 war.

The arrests were ordered as part of a long running major investigation into wartime abuses, the state prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

Those detained are suspected of killing several hundred Bosnian Serb civilians and prisoners of war in 1995, it said.


Putin’s Pals, The Night Wolves, Troll Bosnia And The Region

The motorcycle club whose members were at the vanguard of Russia’s occupation of Crimea, nicknamed “Putin’s Angels” by the media, is on the road again.

Members of the Night Wolves were due in the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Serb-majority entity Republika Srpska, Banja Luka, on March 21 and were expected to hold a press conference in the Serbian capital, Belgrade, around a week later.

They have planned or taken provocative rides before — including a Victory Day trip to Berlin and a candlelighting at Katyn, where Josef Stalin is said to have ordered the execution of tens of thousands of Polish officers during World War II — and are targeted by U.S. and Canadian sanctions for their thuggish support of nonuniformed Russian forces during the takeover of Crimea in 2014.


Russian-trained mercenaries back Bosnia’s Serb separatists

Russian-trained mercenaries are helping establishment a paramilitary unit serving the Serb separatist leader in Bosnia, it was reported in Sarajevo on Friday.

The report on the Žurnal news site, which was confirmed by the Bosnian security minister, comes at a time of mounting western anxiety about Russian efforts to destabilise the Balkans and resist Nato enlargement in the region.

On Tuesday, Milorad Dodik, the hardline leader of the Serb half of Bosnia, staged a military parade in Banja Luka in defiance of a ruling by the country’s constitutional court.

The Žurnal report said that a militia called “Serbian Honour” – which it said had been trained in a Russian-funded “humanitarian centre” in Serbia – was in the process of setting up a paramilitary group to be used against Dodik’s opponents.


Bosnia Charges 25 Muslim Wartime Officers, Four Bosnian Serbs With War Crimes

Bosnian authorities have charged 25 Muslim wartime officials and four Bosnian Serb officers with committing war crimes against civilians and prisoners of war in the country’s bloody 1990s conflict.

Prosecutors in Sarajevo said on December 29 that 11 former Muslim members of the Bosnian Army were charged with taking part in an attack against the Serb village of Cemerno in the region of Ilijas, north of Sarajevo, in which 30 people were killed.

In another case, 14 former Muslim police and military officials were indicted for war crimes allegedly committed against dozens of Serbs in the southern region of Konjic, the Sarajevo state prosecutor’s office said.


Sarajevo prosecutor indicts 14 Bosnian Muslims over war crimes against Serbs

SARAJEVO (Reuters) – Sarajevo prosecutors indicted 14 Bosnian Muslim wartime army officers and soldiers for alleged murder, torture and persecution of Bosnian Serb civilians around the town of Konjic during the country’s 1990s war.

Ten of the indicted men are already in detention, the Sarajevo state prosecutor’s office said in a statement on Thursday.


Bosnian war chief DIES after drinking bottle of POISON and yelling ‘I’m not a war criminal’ after his 20-year prison sentence for campaign against Muslims is upheld at The Hague

A Bosnian-Croat war chief has died after downing poison during his war crimes trial at The Hague, Croatian state TV reports.

Slobodan Praljak yelled, ‘I am not a war criminal!’ and drank a dark liquid from a small bottle seconds after losing his appeal against a 20-year prison sentence at the International Criminal Tribunal, in the Netherlands.

His lawyer shouted out ‘my client has taken poison’ before a judge suspended the hearing and the courtroom was closed.

Moments later ambulance crews arrived at the scene and a helicopter began hovering overhead.


West Ignores Growing Terrorist Threat From ISIS Bosnian ‘Safe Havens

Western leaders are ignoring a growing terrorist nightmare originating from Bosnia as battle-hardened ISIS fighters return to the country and are finding protection in its Islamic “safe havens,” The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has learned.

Bosnia and Herzegovina — a Muslim-majority country in southeastern Europe more popularly known as “Bosnia” — have put out the welcome mat to the foreign fighters, making it clear that shelter is available to them. Bosnia was formerly part of Yugoslavia, one of the Soviet Union’s Eastern European satellites.


Town in the heart of Europe where only Arabic can be spoken and only Arabs can live


Locals are fuming because they are are only allowed into the site in the south-eastern Europe country if they are servants or cleaners.

The complex is surrounded by heavy security, gates and high walls and the locals think it is unlawful for foreigners to buy up part of the country and then ban them from entering.


Bosnian town where ONLY Arabs live and most women are the third or fourth wives of wealthy sheikhs is slammed by locals

Angry locals are protesting about a town in Bosnia-Herzegovina where only Arabs are allowed and most of the homes contain woman who are the third or fourth wives of wealthy sheikhs.

The 160 homes in the luxury enclave near Tarcin, five miles west of the Bosnian capital Sarajevo, was built by investors from the Middle East and has Arabic as its official language.

Locals are furious because they are only allowed in if they are hired as servants or cleaners.


Arabs Marry Bosnian Women to Establish Parallel Families

A thirty-six year old woman from Sarajevo, who has two children from her first marriage, told BIRN about how she married an Arab, to become his second wife.

She says her new husband, who is 51, originally came to Bosnia for business, to open a small company in Sarajevo. They met, the woman recalls, when he came to her place of work. She says they joked and she noticed him looking at her.

After a while, a mutual friend who is already married to an Arab introduced them. This friend explained that the man was looking for a Bosnian wife, to help her if he could.


Muslim radicals in mountain villages spark fears in Bosnia

The imam in the Bosnian mountain village spoke in flawless American English. Any suggestion that his area was an extremist stronghold was false, insisted Edis Bosnic.

“We are enemies of the state only because we are calling people away from vice, drugs and alcohol and urging them to come back to decent values,” he said.


Sharia Villages: Bosnia’s Islamic State Problem

Radical Islamists have found a new refuge in Bosnia. They recruit fighters, promote jihad and preach a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam — just across the border from the European Union.

Almost nothing remains of Ibro. There is just a single childhood photo remaining, an image of a flaxen-haired five-year-old that Ibro’s father scanned so he could always carry it with him on his mobile phone. But no recent pictures are available. Before Ibro left Bosnia to join Islamic State (IS) in 2014, he tore up all the images of himself he could find. His interpretation of Sharia included the belief that images of people were haram — forbidden.


Bosnia Judicial Authorities Uphold Hijab Ban, Despite Protests

Bosnia-Herzegovina’s supervising judicial authority has upheld a ban on wearing the Islamic head scarf and other religious symbols in courts and other legal institutions.

The decision to uphold the ban on the hijab was announced by the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC) on February 11 and came despite weekend protests in the capital and several other Bosnian towns.


Bosnian Women Stage Protest March Against Banning of Hijab at Legal Institutions

Women in Bosnia took to the streets Sunday, to protest a ban on the donning of customary Muslim headscarves at judicial institutions.

Around 2,000 women carried out an hour-long march through the country’s capital city, Sarajevo, reports the BBC.

Although the ban, instituted by a regulatory authority for Bosnia’s judiciary, encompasses all “religious signs,” it specifically mentions the headscarf or hijab.

Protest organizer Samira Zunic Velagic told the BBC that the ban is a “serious attack against Muslim honor, personality and identity” intended to take away Muslim women’s right to work.

Muslims make up about 40% (of the population of Bosnia)…