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Bernie Sanders: Trump a racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, bigot

“We must be honest and straightforward and say that we have a president who is a racist,” Mr. Sanders told a crowd at the National Action Network’s Legislative & Policy Conference, The Hill reported.

“A president who is a sexist,” he continued. “A president who is a homophobe. A president who is a xenophobe and a president who is a religious bigot. And it gives me no joy to tell you that. But that is the simple truth and we’ve got to confront that truth.”


Bernie Sanders’ wife tried to kick group home for disabled from college property?

Bernie Sanders’ wife tried to kick group home for disabled from college property?

From Rick Moran at PJ Media:

Jane Sanders, wife of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, is under investigation by the FBI for questionable actions in taking out loans to purchase property when she was president of Burlington College in Vermont. The college went under in 2016 due to the enormous debt Mrs. Sanders saddled the college with before she left in 2011. Upon purchasing property to expand the college, Mrs. Sanders sought to evict a group of disabled people who lived in a group home on the property. More.

Reality check: No one who has read George Orwell’s Animal Farm need be surprised. The word compassion in such circles merely signifies that the target group can be used to advance progressive political objectives. Some can’t.

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FBI Is Conducting Even More Interviews Over Alleged Jane Sanders Bank Fraud

Federal investigators are conducting interviews in Florida regarding accusations Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders, defrauded a bank while serving as president of the now-defunct Burlington College.

Allegations Jane Sanders falsified loan documents to expand the campus of Burlington College, which collapsed into bankruptcy in May 2016, swirled more than a year prior. The Daily Caller News Foundation first broke the news of the allegations against Mrs. Sanders in March 2015. The Department of Justice and the FBI will not confirm the existence of an investigation, but recent interviews conducted by officials from the FBI and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), independently confirmed to TheDCNF, suggest an investigation is ongoing.


All The Rage

Sanders and Trump represent two different sides of American populism—and the uprisings they sparked could topple the established political order.

On November 9, the day after this year’s election, Donald Trump may well join Bernie Sanders as a footnote to U.S. history. But that doesn’t mean that their candidacies will vanish without a trace. In a decade or two, American politics may look as strange to us as the conservative politics of the 1980s looked from the liberal vantage point of the 1960s. And part of the reason will be Trump and Sanders, and what they revealed about the soft underbelly of our political system.

Trump and his followers are regularly denounced as fascist, nativist, misogynist, and racist. “We want him off the stage,” political scientist Peter Dreier declared in August, “and we want his racist followers to know that they represent a tiny sliver of America.” Sanders was dismissed by Clinton backers and Republicans as a “utopian socialist” whose supporters were “naïve idealists.” But such simplistic dismissals overlook something essential about both men’s campaigns—and about the impact they are likely to have.

h/t Norman in NY


Democratic Party Suffers Nervous Breakdown In Philly: The Inside Story

The Democratic National Convention was almost literally a disaster area.

Bernie Sanders suspended all party rules on the floor of the convention to personally nominate Hillary Clinton by a voice vote. Left-wing protesters rampaged in the streets. Pro-Bernie delegates walked off the convention floor in protest. Agitators seized the mainstream media’s control center against an outnumbered police force. Speakers were booed. Green Party candidate Jill Stein crashed the event and emerged as the new Bernie Sanders in the general election. A man set himself on fire stomping on a burning American flag.

America now has a real two-party system: one party is the Populist Nationalists. The other party is the political class. The Democratic Party is the political class.


DNC Replaced Angry Bernie Fans, Used Machines To Drown Out Boos

Democrat officials reportedly posted an ad on Craigslist offering actors $50 to fill in empty seats and cheer at the Democratic National Convention, in order to create an image of “unity” as the convention goes into its final day.

Apparently, many responded to the ad.

Bernie Sanders delegates were shocked when they couldn’t return to their seats in the convention hall because they were taken by paid seat fillers, as raw footage that has emerged confirms.


‘Vote for me’ Bernie Sanders tells his supporters before roll call vote which will bring chaos back to DNC floor

Bernie Sanders says his delegates should treat party officials with ‘respect’ during a roll call vote today to determine the Democratic nominee – but they should be allowed to give him their support if they want to.

Sanders’ message to his supporters today: ‘Vote for me.’

This is going to be delicious.


Bernie gets his $15 min wage in the US Dem platform

From Matt Vespa at Townhall:

Bernie Sanders’ crusade to shape the Democratic party platform scored a win late Friday night, with the approval of an amendment calling for increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 over time.

The fight to get more explicit platform language around wages showed the Vermont senator’s campaign still fighting for the liberal issues that made up his “political revolution” even as his clout fades. More.

Reality check: Sanders’ main constituency will be entitled and aggrieved mobs, educated or otherwise.

I, robot, can do your job.

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