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The Left In Power: Clinton to Obama

Below is Barbara Kay’s review of David Horowitz’s new book, The Left in Power: Clinton to Obama

The Democrats’ journey from center to hard Left.

After the federal election, an African-American child asked at a family dinner if he was now “going to be treated as three-fifths of a human being.” A teacher from a rural black elementary school reported her students were asking her if they would become slaves again. A black student told a guide on an outing to the nation’s capital he was afraid the new president was “going to round up all the black people and kill them.”

Understandable, progressives might say. Considering the racism we saw expressed during the campaign and the people the president-elect has surrounded himself with, who can blame these kids for their fears?


Jason Kenney and Idle No More

Idle No More ignores some basic facts about Israel:

Thus it’s purest irony that Idle No More, comprising those who meet all UN-approved specifications for indigeneity themselves, have offered full-throated support to Palestinians, whom they perceive as brothers-in-arms against colonial oppressors. In fact, it is the Jews who meet internationally endorsed measures of authentic indigeneity, while the Palestinians (a people literally 60 years old) do not.


Kay the Elder on the Anti-Semitism and tyranny of Durban II

France’s intellectuals are following Stephen Harper’s lead – Well let’s hope they’ve given up on Jerry Lewis at last.

“If for nothing else he ever did or will do, Stephen Harper put Canada on the map for integrity and leadership when he announced that Canada would not take part in the 2009 anti-racism “conference” known as Durban II. It is already obvious that the 2009 version will be a replay and worse of the original moral and political travesty, which even in its planning stages had already plunged into a morass of anti-western and anti-Semitic vituperation.”

Is it just me or did they get the Star of David Backwards?

The Rest – a good read.


Barbara Kay on Montrealistan & Making Canadian Jihadis

The most dangerous jihadis, de Pierrebourg tells us, are converts, who are hyper-zealous in their wish to ingratiate themselves (the phenomenon is called by experts the “zeal of the neophyte”), and, more important, psychologically adrift from their former lives. “Karim”, a recent convert who spoke freely and candidly with the author, spends a lot of time in Islamist chat rooms. He reads stuff like: “Canada, an enemy country and evil because it fights our comrades in Afghanistan ? ” and “Martyr operations, those they call suicide operations, are the weapon God gives to the poor to combat the strong?concerning the deaths of children, they are only collateral damage.”

Karim considers Montreal a totally debauched city. “The result is that I find myself isolated.” In November, 2005, he took his frustration to the Web in a message titled, “Can a Muslim be happy?” He chronicles his problems: “I am a bit depressed ? no music, no Christian or Jewish friends [allowed] ? warned against playing video games ?no mixed soccer games ? no friends because they go to bars, clubs, movies, etc. ? ” His Internet “friend” replies: “Salam, brother, I advise you to take up jihad, if nothing is holding you back. Choose your death for Allah’s satisfaction ?”

De Pierrebourg technique of interspersing jihadists’ histories with the process of how they got that way in their own words creates an intimacy with a world we couldn’t possibly otherwise know. His sources are a mix of government documents, hard-won personal interviews with terror suspects (he occasionally exchanges e-mails with Ahmed Ressam, the would-be millennial bomber, in his U.S. jail cell), testimony from terror experts and candid, on-the-record statements by CSIS and RCMP higher-ups, as well as anti-terror agents in the U.S., some very disquieting: David Cohen, the commissioner charged with intelligence-gathering for the New York Police Department (NYPD), who follows the Montreal scene closely, says, “The anti-terror agents of the NYPD know things that the Surete du Quebec is ignoring “

A worthwhile read, and yes a pity that Montrealistan is not yet available in english translation.

Share, comin around or even dumber than we thought?

On the “What’s Up” page – generally a listing of upcoming stupid leftist events we find this little item.

David Solway Book Event

When: Sunday, 3 June 2007 (1 – 3 PM)

Where: Bibliophile 5519 Queen Mary Montreal QC

Contact: Bibliophiletel: 514-486-7369


Join Bibliophile as Montreal writer David Solway reads from his new book, The Big Lie: On Terror, Antisemitism and Identity. The Big Lie is at once a compelling analysis of our present situation and a stirring call to all of us to reconsider the concepts through which we react to the world. David Solway is the award-winning author of over twenty-five books of poetry, criticism, educational theory, and travel. Don’t miss the chance to hear what he has to say on the relation between terror and antisemitism.

I love it, the wording is so general that the idiots at Rabble have no idea that this is not your typical “Leftist Screed”. David Solway has written a book detailing how his worldview was irrevocably altered by the events of 9/11 – it is in essence a tale of his turning away from the received wisdom of his former leftist beliefs. Not for a minute do I believe has “come around” to a balanced way of thinking, its chat forum (Babble)remains home to many who mask their anti-semitism behind their allegedly “progressive anti-zionism”

David Warren has written a terrific piece on Solway’s book here. Here is an excerpt from Warren’s piece.

The larger truth he serves is the realization that we will get nowhere against the psychopathic, Islamist enemies of our civilization so long as we allow them to thrive parasitically on our own vacuous and craven left-liberalism — parrying each new threat against us with evasion, conciliation, sophistry, and equivocation. (And on a point of honour both Christian and Jewish, the existence of Israel within defensible borders is non-negotiable.)

Gee “Vacuous & Craven Left-Liberalism” that sounds just like the folks at! Check out this thread: Topic: Boycotting Israel: Moral Masturbation where a Ha’aretz article of the thread title name is discussed. Watch how babblers attack the messenger and do their best to minimize, deny and otherwise obscure the articles message. Sample:

“No matter that in boycotting all Israeli academics on the basis of their being Israelis, the measure is patently racist, a grotesque reprise of the history of curbing academic freedom.”

This one quoted line seems to show what a pile of absolute GARBAGE the entire article (and the sentiment behind it) seems to be…

Isn’t this the “Irrational News and Politics” Forum?

Vacuous & Craven, yup that’s!