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Bangladesh writer is stabbed during seminar because he is an ‘enemy of Islam’

Bangladeshi investigators said Sunday that a young man accused of stabbing a celebrated secular writer at a seminar had targeted him as “an enemy of Islam”.

Saturday’s attack on Zafar Iqbal in the northern city of Sylhet was just the latest in a series of stabbings of secular or atheist authors and bloggers in Muslim-majority Bangladesh.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, whose government has waged a fierce crackdown on homegrown extremism in recent years, blamed “religious fanatics” for the assault.


Alleged Melbourne terrorist attacker’s sister knifed policeman: Dhaka police

The younger sister of an international student who allegedly stabbed a man in his Melbourne home has stabbed a police officer in Bangladesh and admitted the siblings were members of the secret Islamic State-inspired “Neo-JMB” terror group, according to a Bangladesh police report.

The sister of Momena Shoma, 24, who has been charged with engaging in a terrorist attack in the Melbourne suburb of Mill Park last Saturday, stabbed a high-ranking police officer at her family’s apartment in Dhaka when police went to interview the family on Monday night about the Mill Park attack, the report said.


Bangladesh’s New Generation of Militants

When compared to his peers in the terrorism community, Akayed Ullah was most certainly a loser. The wannabe jihadist attempted to blow himself up at the New York City port authority bus terminal by strapping a pipe bomb to his body. But the bomb — made with firecracker powder and lit with a Christmas candle — was so low intensity that, far from creating widespread terror, he didn’t even end up killing himself. In the weeks that have followed since, the 27-year-old Bangladeshi migrant has received more ridicule than fear or praise.

The attempt may have been quixotic, and there’s little possibility of Ullah getting another shot at jihadist fame. But he is representative of a new generation of young militants from Bangladesh — one that calls not for jokes, but for serious scrutiny.


British Muslim leader turns out to be wanted war criminal

War criminal ‘executioner’ on Interpol’s most wanted list who once posed alongside Prince Charles is found living in a £1million home in a leafy north London cul-de-sac

A British Muslim leader wanted by Interpol having been found guilty of war crimes is currently living in a £1m house in a north London suburb.

Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin, who was photographed with Prince Charles in 2003 at an event in Leicester was found guilty of ‘abetting and complicity to the commission of the offence of extermination as a crime against humanity’ in his native Bangladesh.

The 69-year-old former NHS administrator was put on trial in his absence over the murder of 18 people during Bangladesh’s brutal War of Independence in 1971.


Bangladesh social media activist is arrested on ‘anti-Islam’ charges for ‘mocking the Prophet Mohammed’

Bangladesh police arrested a 25-year-old social media activist as he tried to leave the country on charges that he defamed Islam and the Prophet Mohammed, authorities said Tuesday.

Immigration police detained Asaduzzaman Noor, known as Asad Noor on his YouTube channel, at Dhaka airport on Monday evening, inspector Mohammad Shahidullah told AFP.


Bangladesh: Runaway Muslim Persecution of Hindus

If you want to punish a non-Muslim, especially a poor Christian in Pakistan, point your index finger at him and utter the word “blasphemy.” You will soon find thousands of Islamic hardliners beside you chanting, “Death to blasphemers!” Similarly, if you want to root out a Hindu family from its ancestral home in Bangladesh, just accuse one of its members of insulting the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. You will soon find thousands of Muslims rushing to burn the Hindu family’s whole neighborhood down, without hesitation or evidence.


Bangladesh police arrest suspect in hacking murder of US blogger

Police in Bangladesh have arrested a suspected Islamist militant over the hacking death of a US blogger whose writings on religion angered hardliners.

Deputy police commissioner Masudur Rahman said the man, who was named as 24-year-old Arafat Rahman, was being held in connection with the 2015 machete attack on Avijit Roy and his wife. Mr Roy was fatally injured and his wife seriously hurt, on their way home from a book fair in Dhaka.


Bangladesh: Muslims burn, loot vandalize Hindu houses over rumor that Hindu criticized Muhammad on Facebook

“The rumour was that one Titu Roy, originally from Thakurbari village but currently living in Narayanganj, put up a Facebook post defaming Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) a few days ago.”

This maddened Muslim mob needn’t have bothered. All they needed to do was appeal to Facebook, and the offending post, if it actually existed, would have been deleted immediately. After all, the Vice President of Facebook has assured the Pakistani government that Facebook would remove all “anti-Islam” material. Why wouldn’t the same thing hold true for Facebook in Bangladesh? It certainly holds true for Facebook in the United States.


Muslims threaten murder over “insert trivial reason here”

‘We will break every bone’: Islamist leaders threaten Bangladeshi lawyer

Human rights groups have warned about the safety of a prominent Bangladeshi lawyer after Islamist leaders threatened to “break every bone” in her body for defending the installation of a Lady Justice statue outside the country’s supreme court.

Sultana Kamal’s remarks on a television talk show last month have earned her death threats from Muslim hardliners in Bangladesh, where religious fanatics are suspected to have killed 30 activists and writers among others in the past four years.


Lady Justice statue in Bangladesh is removed after Islamist objections

A statue of Lady Justice has been removed from the supreme court building in the Bangladeshi capital after objections from Islamist groups.

The sculpture, by the local artist Mrinal Haque, was installed in front of the court in December, and depicts a woman in a sari clutching a sword and scales, similar to the traditional depiction of the Greek goddess Themis.

At first hardline Islamist groups, and later the country’s religious establishment, had been calling for the statue’s removal, on the grounds that its presence was an example of idol worship, forbidden in Islam.

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Bangladesh arrests 27 men “for homosexuality.”

An elite police unit detained the men early Friday in a raid on a community center at Keraniganj, south of the nation’s capital, Dhaka.

“We’ve arrested 27 people for homosexuality. They are homosexuals. They held a get-together there,” an official with the unit told the AFP news agency.

Authorities said the suspects were mostly students aged in their 20s and had traveled from across the country. They were allegedly found with drugs and condoms in their possession.

Police said the 27 may not face charges of homosexuality, which is punishable with life in prison, because they were taken into custody before engaging in sexual activity. But they could still be charged with drug offenses.


We really need to encourage more of this… Jihadi Family Self Detonates

Who would blow up Buffy and Jody?

Five members of a family blow themselves up in Bangladesh

Five members of a family on Thursday blew themselves up to thwart police from storming their terror hideout in Bangladesh, the latest such incident amid an intensified nationwide crackdown on Islamist militants, according to a media report.

Before setting off the blasts in Rajshahi’s Godgari area, the terror suspects speared a fireman to death. Two policemen have been also injured in the incident, bdnews reported. Godagari police official Hifzul Alam Munshi was quoted as saying by the report that they surrounded the house at Benipur village early morning after intelligence inputs suggested presence of militants there.


Ethnic Slaughter in Bangladesh

Bangladesh anti-blasphemy rally 2015

The Bangladesh government at present is carrying out atrocities against religious and ethnic minorities. Some foreign organisations helped me to flee to safety in Germany after nine of my colleagues were hacked to death by extremists.

Unfortunately, all the minorities of the country are not as fortunate. Last year, the police themselves set fire to about 3,000 houses of minority people. Most recently, the Bangladesh Army killed Romel Chakma, an indigenous student leader. He was only 18 and had one eye. The army decided to pour Kerosene over his dead body and set it on fire.

The government forced the media to bury the news. It is different in Bangladesh; nobody cares about minority people anyway.