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Bangladesh: Muslims burn, loot vandalize Hindu houses over rumor that Hindu criticized Muhammad on Facebook

“The rumour was that one Titu Roy, originally from Thakurbari village but currently living in Narayanganj, put up a Facebook post defaming Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) a few days ago.”

This maddened Muslim mob needn’t have bothered. All they needed to do was appeal to Facebook, and the offending post, if it actually existed, would have been deleted immediately. After all, the Vice President of Facebook has assured the Pakistani government that Facebook would remove all “anti-Islam” material. Why wouldn’t the same thing hold true for Facebook in Bangladesh? It certainly holds true for Facebook in the United States.


Muslims threaten murder over “insert trivial reason here”

‘We will break every bone’: Islamist leaders threaten Bangladeshi lawyer

Human rights groups have warned about the safety of a prominent Bangladeshi lawyer after Islamist leaders threatened to “break every bone” in her body for defending the installation of a Lady Justice statue outside the country’s supreme court.

Sultana Kamal’s remarks on a television talk show last month have earned her death threats from Muslim hardliners in Bangladesh, where religious fanatics are suspected to have killed 30 activists and writers among others in the past four years.


Lady Justice statue in Bangladesh is removed after Islamist objections

A statue of Lady Justice has been removed from the supreme court building in the Bangladeshi capital after objections from Islamist groups.

The sculpture, by the local artist Mrinal Haque, was installed in front of the court in December, and depicts a woman in a sari clutching a sword and scales, similar to the traditional depiction of the Greek goddess Themis.

At first hardline Islamist groups, and later the country’s religious establishment, had been calling for the statue’s removal, on the grounds that its presence was an example of idol worship, forbidden in Islam.

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Bangladesh arrests 27 men “for homosexuality.”

An elite police unit detained the men early Friday in a raid on a community center at Keraniganj, south of the nation’s capital, Dhaka.

“We’ve arrested 27 people for homosexuality. They are homosexuals. They held a get-together there,” an official with the unit told the AFP news agency.

Authorities said the suspects were mostly students aged in their 20s and had traveled from across the country. They were allegedly found with drugs and condoms in their possession.

Police said the 27 may not face charges of homosexuality, which is punishable with life in prison, because they were taken into custody before engaging in sexual activity. But they could still be charged with drug offenses.


We really need to encourage more of this… Jihadi Family Self Detonates

Who would blow up Buffy and Jody?

Five members of a family blow themselves up in Bangladesh

Five members of a family on Thursday blew themselves up to thwart police from storming their terror hideout in Bangladesh, the latest such incident amid an intensified nationwide crackdown on Islamist militants, according to a media report.

Before setting off the blasts in Rajshahi’s Godgari area, the terror suspects speared a fireman to death. Two policemen have been also injured in the incident, bdnews reported. Godagari police official Hifzul Alam Munshi was quoted as saying by the report that they surrounded the house at Benipur village early morning after intelligence inputs suggested presence of militants there.


Ethnic Slaughter in Bangladesh

Bangladesh anti-blasphemy rally 2015

The Bangladesh government at present is carrying out atrocities against religious and ethnic minorities. Some foreign organisations helped me to flee to safety in Germany after nine of my colleagues were hacked to death by extremists.

Unfortunately, all the minorities of the country are not as fortunate. Last year, the police themselves set fire to about 3,000 houses of minority people. Most recently, the Bangladesh Army killed Romel Chakma, an indigenous student leader. He was only 18 and had one eye. The army decided to pour Kerosene over his dead body and set it on fire.

The government forced the media to bury the news. It is different in Bangladesh; nobody cares about minority people anyway.


Three Islamist extremists are hanged over a 2004 grenade attack on British envoy in Bangladesh

The leader of a banned Islamist extremist group and two of his aides have been hanged for a grenade attack targeting a British high commissioner 12 years ago.

Mufti Abdul Hannan, the head of Harkatul Jihad Al Islami and his two HuJI associates were sentenced to death in 2008 over the carnage, with Bangladesh’s highest court upholding the sentences last month.

The explosion at a 14th century Sufi shrine in the northeastern city of Sylhet killed three people and injured the ambassador Anwar Choudhury – a Bangladeshi-born British diplomat who has since become the UK’s ambassador to Peru.

I bet Iqra Khalid and family are busted up about this.


Vogue cover model was MURDERED by extremists for not wearing Islamic clothing

A Vogue cover model found dead in her dorm room in Bangladesh was murdered by extremists for not wearing Islamic clothing and did not kill herself, her family have claimed.

Raudha Athif, 21, a second-year student at Islami Bank Medical College in Rajshahi city, who once received praise from the president of her native Maldives for her striking appearance, was reportedly found hanged last week.

An autopsy report carried out in Bangladesh ruled her death as suicide before her burial on Saturday.


Four suspected terrorists including a woman killed in shootout in Bangladesh

FOUR suspected militants, including a woman, from a group that has pledged allegiance to Islamic State were killed in a shootout today when Bangladesh police raided their hideout in the southeast, a senior police official said.

Police said those killed were members of a faction of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh group, known as New JMB, which they believe were linked to an attack on a cafe in the capital, Dhaka, last July that killed 22 people, most of them foreigners.

New JMB has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State militant group, which claimed responsibility for the attack on the cafe in Dhaka’s diplomatic quarter, although the government has cast doubt on that claim.


Islamists slit a mentally ill 72-year-old woman’s throat for heresy after locals dubbed her a ‘mystic’ in Bangladesh

A 72-year-old woman believed to be a Sufi mystic has been found with her throat slit in Bangladesh.

The body of Nurjahan Begum was found inside her home in Dhaka on Sunday.

Ms Begum was thought to be a ‘pir’ or a Sufi leader by her followers, who believed she had supernatural powers.

But police say that she was not a mystic but was a mentally ill woman.


Bangladesh police kill ‘mastermind’ behind Holey Artisan Bakery siege

Tamim (Ahmed Chowdhury) – Another Dead Muslim terrorist with a Canadian passport

Authorities in Bangladesh shot dead two extremists in a pre-dawn raid in Dhaka on Friday. Police said this included Nurul Islam Marzan, who was “one of the masterminds” behind a siege that killed 29 people, including 18 foreigners, at a bakery in July 2016.

The deputy chief of Dhaka’s counterterrorism unit, Mohibul Islam Khan, told French news agency AFP that Marzan, 30, had been a student at Chittagong University before dropping out to join a group associated with Bangladesh’s homegrown Islamist terror organization Jamayetul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB).

JMB has been blamed for the attack on Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka’s Gulshan district, the worst terrorist attack in the country’s history. Twenty hostages were shot or hacked to death, as well as two bakery workers, two policemen, and five of the gunmen.

“Along with Tamim (Ahmed Chowdhury), Marzan planned the Gulshan attack,” said Khan, referring to the Canadian national of Bangladeshi heritage whom police have said was the leader behind the siege.


Violence Against Non-Muslim Increases in Bangladesh

Hindu temple attacked in Gazipur, Bangladesh

Minority communities across Bangladesh are once again facing violence and persecution by the Sunni Muslim majority. In the last month or so, dozens of Hindu temples have been vandalized and hundreds of houses burned down by Muslims in different districts across the nation.

In one incident alone, a group of Muslims carried out attacks that left more than 100 injured and several hundred victims homeless. Hindus, at 9% of the total population the largest religious minority in Bangladesh, were targeted in the attack on October 30, about 120 km from the capital city, Dhaka. Muslims, led by two Islamic organizations — the Tawheedi Janata (“Faithful People”) and Ahle Sunnat-Wal-Jamaat –vandalized more than 15 temples and 200 houses belonging to Hindus. Violence continued a few days later, when, on November 5, extremists repeated similar attacks in the same area despite police “vigilance.”



Muslims go on violent rampage in Bangladesh because nobody likes them for some reason…

Facebook post mocking Islamic holy site sparks violence in Bangladesh