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The rise and rise of the Danish People’s Party

Since its founding in 1995, the Danish People’s Party has steadily increased its support to become one of Denmark’s most influential political parties and may now be on the verge of joining a new Venstre-led government – if it wants it.

Most known for a tough stance on particularly Muslim immigration, the Danish People’s Party has managed to retain its current position as Denmark’s third-largest party ever since the November 2001 parliamentary elections (held in the wake of the September 11 attacks).

Recent opinion polls suggest that DF is likely to gain as much as 20 percent of the vote in the upcoming elections, snapping at the heels of the traditional giants of Danish politics, the Social Democrats and Venstre…


Australia: Anti-Islam and anti-racism groups clash in Melbourne street

The United Patriots Front

Gangs of rival protesters have clashed on the streets in Melbourne, as about 100 police officers fight to keep them apart.

The opposing groups were made up of anti-Islam and anti-racism activists, with events turning violent on Sunday afternoon.

The United Patriots Front, a run-off from the anti-Islam Reclaim Australia group that was involved in violent protests in Melbourne earlier this year, staged a demonstration outside Richmond Town Hall in Melbourne’s inner southeast, according to the AAP…

unnamed-5Protesters and police clash outside the town hall in Richmond during the opposing events


Arizona anti-Muslim rally organizer defends selling ‘F*ck Islam’ shirt: ‘I’m a Marine’ and I’m not politically correct

A photo of a different but insulting T-shirt

The organizer of an anti-Muslim protest in Phoenix insisted on Wednesday that his event was intended to be non-violent despite including the sale of a shirt saying, “F*ck Islam.”

“I’m a Marine, and I am far from politically correct,” Jon Ritzheimer told KPNX-TV. “I’m outspoken, and I’ve just had it”…


Pig farm plan to push away Muslim immigrants

Plans for a new immigration centre in Gullberg have already been strongly opposed by local residents and on Wednesday it was reported that a group of campaigners had sent a letter to the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) pledging to breed pigs nearby in order to deter Muslims from seeking asylum in the town.

The note, signed by what described itself as the “interest group for Gullberg’s survival” said that it was trying to create a “probably impossible situation for some religious people, especially Muslims”, according to Sveriges Radio.

Local politician Henry Sandahl from Sweden’s Countryside Party (Markbygdspartiet) told the broadcaster that he agreed with the sentiment of the letter.

“You know that Muslims are not friends with pigs,” he said…

Nice idea.


A Clash of Cultures in Wuppertal, Germany as PEGIDA and Salafist Muslims Collide

“We’re here for justice,” said an attendee at the Salafist rally – one of three different public protests on Saturday in the small city of Wuppertal in western Germany. Salafists adhere to a radical sect of Islam that posits being rooted in an original and unadulterated interpretation of the faith.

“We’re here for our country. Don’t mess it up!” urged PEGIDA head Lutz Bachmann at a competing demonstration. The organization he founded, whose name translates to “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the Occident” (PEGIDA), is now known well beyond Germany for its anti-Islam demonstrations.

Meanwhile, a group of locals came out to oppose extremism and neo-Nazi thinking with a message one demonstrator summed up as, “Our city is colorful”…

(Several videos at the link)

PEGIDA-GermanyPEGIDA in Dresden


Video: 15,000 at Pegida rally in Dresden; ‘civil war’ conditions at Frankfurt

After a one-week break, the Russian video news agency reported LIVE from the ‘Mother of all Pegidas’: RuptlyTV again today [presumably last night] from 18:30. Keynote speaker in Dresden is Tatjana Festerling, by the way.

(A brief translation of part of a Politically Incorrect entry from German.  Video has no subtitles, but gives some impressions).

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Islamophobia In Iceland: Dog Whistle Politics And Outright Xenophobia

unnamed-10The last few weeks have seen a major outbreak of Islamophobia in Iceland. Following the attacks at the editorial offices of Charlie Hebdo, Icelandic social media was full of rants about the dangers posed by Muslims and the impending Islamization of Europe and Iceland.

Far right hate group PEGIDA established a chapter in Iceland. MP Ásmundur Friðriksson, of the conservative Independence Party floated the idea that all Icelandic Muslims be subjected to a thorough background check.

You know, to make sure they weren’t terrorists. Former DV editor Jónas Kristjánsson proposed that special conditions be applied to the citizenship of Muslims by requiring them to sign a sort of loyalty oath to the state, promising to uphold Western values.

This development is troubling. But also a little curious, since there are only about 1,500 Muslims currently residing in Iceland…

And the “far-right” groups want to keep it that way, please and thank-you.


Pegida march: Newcastle MP says event will incite Islamophobia

Police block counter-demonstrators in Leipzig.

An MP has called for members of a controversial protest movement to be banned from travelling to the UK ahead of a march in Newcastle this month.

Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle Central, has written to Home Secretary Theresa May, urging her to consider the impact Pegida’s proposed march on February 28 could have on Islamaphobia in the country.

She has asked the Home Secretary to consider excluding non-British citizens from the UK if it is believed they could be travelling to the country to take part in the protests.

In the letter, sent on Monday, she said: “Could I ask you to set out in principle whether inciting Islamaphobia is considered ‘conducive to the public good’, what factors you would take into account before making such a decision and whether Pegida is recognised as an organisation inciting Islamaphobia?…

In today’s UK, where free speech and freedom to demonstrate is dead, this is how it will end: police state.


Nicolai Sennels is kickstarting PEGIDA Denmark and there is a movement to get him fired

We have been exceedingly busy kickstarting Danish Pegida – “Together and peaceful. Evening strolls against fundamentalist Islam and the creeping Islamization of the West”.

I was in national TV, Radio and newspapers everyday for a couple of weeks. Politicians (Social Democrats…) demanded that I get fired, 11 of my collegues collected signatures to get me fired, a union leader demanded that I get fired.

But I still have my job – because luckily we have Free Speech in Denmark.

We had to fight the lies of the media, and we actually managed to get three disclaimers from media because the acknowledged they had lied.

And then it turned out that the union leader who wants me fired for undocumented claims that I am mixing my private political opinions with my work as a school psychologist sympathizes with Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, Hizbollah and Hizb-ut Tahrir.

And that he speaks at our counter demonstrations… My collegues smiles to me more than ever and the politicians demanding me getting fired has suddenly become very silent.

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First anti-Islam Pegida rally set for Sweden; dhimmi vicar upset and supports multiculturalism

As anti-Islam movement Pegida that has made headways in Germany prepares to hold its first public meeting in Sweden, a Malmö vicar has told The Local why he believes it is important to stand up for a multi-religious society.

Germany-based anti-Islam group Pegida plans to hold a demonstration on the Stortorget square in Malmö in southern Sweden on Monday.

But as the rally gets underway, the bells of St Petri Church are set to ring to call people to a special service in support of a multi-cultural society.

Malmö parish vicar Anders Ekhem told The Local on Friday: “During the manifestation, the Swedish Church is going to hold a service where we express joy for our city and our muslim friends.”

“There is strong support for diverse cultures in Malmö and it is important that the church is there to support that”…


Ireland: Anti-Islam group in clash with counter-protesters at mosque

SMALL groups of anti-Islam demonstrators clashed with protesters against racism outside a Dublin mosque.

A group of about 12 people claiming to represent ‘Anti-Islam Ireland’ gathered outside the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland on Roebuck Road, Dublin 14, at 2pm yesterday.

They were met by a larger gathering of anti-racism demonstrators, numbering between 90 and 120 people. Among their number was Green Party leader Eamon Ryan.

Anti-Islam Ireland last week used its Facebook page and another page called “Irish Voice” to declare that the protest would take place. Both pages have since been taken from public view and are only visible to Facebook users added to the group by an administrator.

Event organiser Sandra Archer said their aim was to highlight what she called the “wrongdoing of the Islamic faith across the world”…

Video at link.