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Anti-Immigrant Sweden Democrat party support at record high

An endless stream of photos like this are no doubt driving the anti-immigrant sentiments.

Of the 1,931 people asked, 14.7 percent said they would vote for the Sweden Democrats, up 2.2 percent since a month earlier and almost two percent since the fall.

“It’s clear that the Sweden Democrats are benefiting from the political debate over immigration and integration,” Sifo chief pollster Toivo Sjörén told the TT news agency.

“This questions is very high on the agenda right now and other surveys have shown that one in four voters think the Sweden Democrats have the best immigration policies,” he added.

The discussion over the past weeks over a possible ban on organised begging has also favoured the nationalist party, as well as the return of leader Jimmie Åkesson, who had gone out on sick leave last October.

Other polling firms have reported even stronger support for the Sweden Democrats. Norway’s Sentio found 17.8 percent of Swedes backed the party in its last survey and a poll by the UK’s YouGov found support had climbed to 19.5 percent…

The party has been ostracized in the government (Sweden uses a proportional system for allocating seats), so they are unable to influence government policies.


Norway: Progress Party to block 10,000 refugee plan

The leader of Norway’s populist Progress party has pledged to block plans for Norway to take up to 10,000 refugees from Syria over the next two years, arguing that it is more efficient to find homes for them in neighbouring countries.

“Norway should not take on tasks that we can not handle. That’s why Progress is saying ‘no’ to accepting 10,000 quota refugees and ‘yes’ to increasing aid to neighbouring countries,” Siv Jensen said to strong applause at the party’s annual conference on Sunday.

Labour party leader Jonas Gahr Støre announced at his party’s annual conference, that his party planned to campaign in the parliament for Norway to agree to take 5,000 Syrian refugees this year and another 5,000 in 2016.

Labour already has the backing of the Left Party, and hopes that the Christian Democrats will also back the proposal at its conference this coming weekend.

Jensen, who also serves as finance minister in the country’s coalition government, cited figures showing that settling just 1,000 new Syrian refugees in Norway would cost a prohibitive one billion kroner ($130m)…


British Vote Risks Veering Into Chaos

Scottish separatists: they lost the referendum but seem likely to get most seats in coming election on May 7, 2015.

COPENHAGEN — In Europe’s political landscape, one nation’s vantage may offer insights into another’s, and so it seemed this week to a reporter zigzagging from Britain to Denmark to Germany and back again. Consider, for instance, the disparate ways that democracies work and the governments they coax forth.

In some ways, the modest odyssey offered mirror images of places where mainstream politicians shun the extremes to harvest support in the middle ground. In Denmark, as in much of Europe, for instance, immigration is a key issue that candidates ignore at their peril. That is just as true of Britain, where voters will go the polls on May 7, as it is of Germany, where a fervor to curb the arrival of outsiders, particularly Muslims, has been building since the last national election in 2013.

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Italy: Row over migrant beds as boat arrivals intensify

So-called minors amuse themselves at a reception centre in Sicily, September, 2014

Italy’s interior ministry has ordered regional prefects to find emergency housing for an influx of boat migrants, sparking criticism on Tuesday over the government’s handling of a crisis that looks set to intensify.

A surge in attempted illegal crossings from the coast of north Africa saw nearly 8,500 migrants rescued between Friday and Monday, reigniting a debate in Italy over whether or not the country has a duty to house all new arrivals.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is “looking for another 6,500 beds for immigrants,” said Matteo Salvini, head of the anti-immigrant Northern League, which has made the crisis one of its platforms ahead of regional elections in May.

“I ask the League’s governors, mayors, assessors and councillors to say no, with every means, to every new arrival. The League is ready to occupy every hotel, hostel, school or barracks intended for the alleged refugees,” Salvini said on Facebook on Tuesday…

Related: (AP, April 15, 2015) A look at EU’s handling of the Mediterranean migrant influx: …They come from countries including Eritrea, Niger, Syria, Iraq and Somalia…The EU also wants to set up immigration screening centers in Libya’s neighbors; Niger, Tunisia and Egypt.

(April 14, 2015) 846 migrants disembark in Lampedusa

(April 14, 2015) Approximately 400 dead as boat sinks off coast of Libya


Italian right-wing leader says Facebook blocked his personal page for using the word ‘gypsy’

(Reuters) – Matteo Salvini, leader of Italy’s anti-immigration Northern League party, said on Thursday Facebook had blocked his personal page for 24 hours because he used the word “gypsy” in posts.

Salvini, who is trying to establish himself as a contender to lead Italy’s fractured opposition against center-left premier Matteo Renzi, frequently lambasts foreigners in an appeal to anti-immigrant sentiment which has grown during three years of economic recession and stagnation…

…Once a junior partner in several governments headed by former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, the League’s popularity had steadily diminished until Salvini took over in 2013.

Its support has more than doubled since, but a poll released by research firm EMG this week showed support recently slipping for both the party and Salvini himself. Another poll by the Piepoli institute showed the party’s popularity had stabilized.

In a televised interview earlier this week, Salvini said camps housing Roma people, mainly from Eastern Europe, that occupy the peripheries of Italian cities including Rome, should be razed.


Italian anti-immigrant party stages Rome rally

The rising star of the Italian right, Matteo Salvini, led a mass rally in support of his anti-immigration, anti-EU Northern League party in central Rome Saturday, as a counter-rally took place nearby.

The rally’s slogan was “Renzi go home”, with Salvini, “the other Matteo”, setting himself up as a challenger to Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

“I do not make the distinction between the right and left, the struggle between fascists and communists belongs to the history books. We differentiate between those who work and parasites, and defend those who work,” Salvini told crowds at the rally.

Ten thousand people had gathered, organisers said. However, the number was not confirmed by the police and the Piazza del Popolo did not seem completely full…

An accurate picture of what it is going on is not possible from reading sources such as this. Remember how a huge anti-PEGIDA rally materialized in Dresden and then it turned to have been organized by the mayor and paid for by the taxpayers? (The information was revealed on a blog, not in the conventional media).

Still, it shows that the elites of Europe are determined to continue with their mass immigration policy come what may.


Italy anti-immigrant Northern League rallies against PM Renzi

Northern League party leader Matteo Salvini speaks on stage during a rally downtown Rome, February 28, 2015. REUTERS/Max Rossi

(Reuters) – Thousands of supporters of Italy’s anti-euro Northern League filled one of the biggest squares in Rome on Saturday, accusing the government of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of selling the country out to faceless powers in Brussels.

Northern League leader Matteo Salvini, who called the rally, took aim at a series of targets, ranging from illegal immigrants and Romanian truck drivers to tax authorities, banks and big business.

“The problem isn’t Renzi, Renzi is a pawn, Renzi is a dumb slave, at the disposal of some nameless person who wants to control all our lives from Brussels,” he told the rally at the Piazza del Popolo, called just over two months ahead of regional elections in May.

Italy’s centre-right opposition has been in disarray for the past year, riven by faction-fighting and unable to mount a consistent challenge to Renzi, whose centre-left Democratic Party holds a commanding lead in opinion polls.

However, 41 year-old Salvini has overseen a resurgence of his party since taking over as leader a little over a year ago, focusing on attacking immigration and the euro in a drive to broaden its appeal beyond its base in northern Italy…


Norway: Progress Party grandee warns of ‘creeping Islamization’

The influential former leader of Norway’s ruling Progress Party used a visit to Copenhagen’s show of unity on Monday night to call on Norwegians to “wake up to the creeping Islamization” of their country.

Carl Hagen, who led the populist anti-immigration party for nearly three decades and still represents the party on Oslo city council, posted his message on Facebook after joining a 30,000 strong crowd commemorating the two men killed in Copenhagen’s twin terror attacks, and demonstrating support for Danish values of democracy and diversity.

“Great ceremony from Denmark after the Islamist murders,” he wrote. “Where were you all when [Anti-Islamist leader] Max Hermansen in Oslo had to report sick because he was threatened by Muslim students…?”

“Must Max Hermansen be killed before the population wakes up to creeping Islamization and the increasing compliance with pressure from various Islamic pressure groups in schools, colleges, universities and jobs?”…

…But Hagen was not alone in the party in his response to the Copenhagen attacks.

Oslo MP Mazyar Keshvari on Monday called for a complete cessation of immigration to the city, arguing that integration could not succeed with immigrant numbers rising at the present rate…


Dresden: €105,500 ($120,400 US) for anti-Pegida Demo

Now it’s out — the state pays six-figure sums for anti-Pegida demos!

This is the response of Dresden Mayor Helma Orosz to a written request from the AfD Group concerning the cost of the rally “For Dresden, Saxony — Openness to the world, humanity and dialogue together” on January 10, 2015.

With Roland Kaiser as a “guest star” of the Free State of Saxony, the total came to €105,496.68.

The City of Dresden contributed €30,000, paid from the budget of the Mayor.

Gordon Engler, culture and youth affairs spokesman of the AfD Group in the City Council sharply criticized the financing of the event: “It’s amazing how quickly so much tax money for a single symbolic event was spent… mainly to cover up the symptoms of their own failed policies. Not only has state neutrality has been violated, but [the authorities] have unabashedly helped themselves to public funds.”

(Note: edited Google Translate).

We have seen this pattern repeatedly, everywhere in the West.  Just look at how the UK government went after EDL, for just one example.


Hungary must ‘shut its gates’ faced with surge in migrants – official

Picture source: Hungarian Islamic Community

(Reuters) – Hungary must ‘shut its gates’ to economic migrants, a top ally to Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday, urging action to stem a dramatic surge in the number of Kosovars crossing ditches and walking through forests under cover of night to reach the European Union.

More than 15 years since it broke away from Serbia in war, Kosovo is witnessing a sudden surge in the number of its citizens smuggling themselves across Serbia’s border with Hungary to escape poverty and unemployment.

Some 30,000 have been caught by Hungarian border police and applied for asylum since September, compared to 6,000 for the whole of 2013.

The trend mirrors a similar surge in the number of Syrians, Kurds and others from further afield fleeing repression and war in the Middle East and Africa through the Balkans to the affluent states of Western Europe…

Good to see some pushback against the insane EU policies, but how successful will they be?