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Andrew Scheer: Justin Trudeau has betrayed Canadians

“One of the most important things about my approach in politics has been creating a level of accountability, of transparency, of openness, of honesty that means admitting when mistakes were made, taking responsibility for them, and fixing them in an open matter.”

Justin Trudeau spoke those words five years ago — setting the tone for what he pitched to Canadians as a new way of doing politics.


Scheer criticizes Trudeau on immigration, argues system’s integrity damaged

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says the prime minister damaged the integrity of Canada’s immigration system when he tweeted two years ago that Canadians will welcome all those fleeing persecution, terror and war.


Attempts to expose former Conservative MP Tony Clement’s online sexual activities go back to last summer, women say

Two women who claim to have had intimate relationships with Tony Clement — one online, one in person — say the ousted Conservative parliamentarian was aware of attempts to expose his allegedly inappropriate behaviour toward women as early as last spring or summer.


Scheer asks Tony Clement to leave Conservative caucus over sexting scandal

Scheer had said earlier Wednesday that Clement was still a member of his caucus, despite his disappointment with the MP’s actions, and that he believed Clement when he said this was an isolated incident.

By mid-afternoon, shortly before question period, new developments had made Scheer’s previous position untenable.


Corbella: Trudeau’s Bill C-69 ‘greatest threat’ to energy industry since father’s NEP

When it comes to instituting policies considered disastrous to Alberta’s energy industry, Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not unlike his father — former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, who announced the devastating National Energy Program on Oct. 28, 1980, almost 38 years ago to the day.


WATCH: Scheer & Trudeau Clash On Government Proactively Assisting ISIS Terrorists

As the Trudeau Liberals try to use weasel words like ‘foreign fighters,’ ‘extremist travellers,’ and ‘Daesh,’ to avoid calling ISIS terrorists what they are, the government is facing mounting questions.