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Dubai to have dry night for Prophet’s birthday

Free people may show their opinion of the false prophet in other fashions. Yes that’s Scotch!

An official communication issued by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce has instructed premises to stop serving alcoholic drinks and hosting live entertainment from 5pm on Monday, November 19 until 6pm on Tuesday, November 20, What’s On reported.

Islam: ideas so good they have to be government regulated.


Horvath Will NOT Have Alcohol Sold in Corner-stores

And that is why she will lose votes:

The current system of restricted retail beer and wine sales in Ontario works well and is socially responsible, New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath said Saturday.

Campaigning in Thunder Bay, Ont., Horwath said there’s no need to allow convenience stores to carry the products — a perennially favoured if never-implemented idea that once helped propel the Liberals to office in the mid-1980s.

“I’m going to be straight up about it: I don’t think we need to have beer and wine in the corner stores,” Horwath said. “I don’t think this is a broken system in Ontario. I don’t necessarily think that we need to mess with it. It’s working fine for people.”

The prospect of liberalized sales surfaced during the June 7 campaign when Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford said he would allow corner-store sales of beer and wine if he’s elected premier.


Granted, alcohol being sold to children is a great concern but it is also a red herring.

Teen-agers are experimenting with synthetic drugs and are using prescription drugs they’ve taken from relatives. Are parents stepping in to stop this?

An LCBO (an approved alcohol purveyor) was once caught selling alcohol to a minor wearing a burqa. Is that “socially responsible”?

I find it absurd that the same party that approves of so-called safe injection sites and a sex ed program designed by a convicted child pornographer now decries the sale of alcohol anywhere but province-approved establishments “for the good of the children”.

A post-modern West that holds self-indulgence in any respect as the highest societal good has much bigger problems than where alcohol can be sold. If people raised their children well and didn’t drink and drive, where alcohol can be sold wouldn’t be a problem.



Tories Would Allow Alcohol In Cornerstores


Doug Ford said Friday that a Progressive Conservative government would allow beer and wine to be sold in Ontario corner stores, timing his announcement with the start of a long weekend.

The Liberal government started expanding alcohol sales in 2015 to up to 450 grocery stores, but said it would not include other retail outlets. Grocers are selected through a competitive bidding process held by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario.

The Tories would allow beer, wine, cider and coolers to be sold in corner stores, box stores and any grocery store, Ford announced. 

“As we approach the Victoria Day weekend, it is time to acknowledge that Ontario is mature enough for this change and ready to join other jurisdictions in making life a little more convenient,” Ford said in a statement.


Boozy Liberal Fund-raiser Raises Some Concerns

They are Liberals, after all:

A recent men-only, fine-wine and grappa-tasting fundraiser for an addiction centre north of Toronto that was attended by some prominent Liberals, powerful businessmen and a senior police official has attracted some criticism.

Richard Lorello and his friend Tracey Kent, both from Vaughan, Ont., say they stood outside snapping photographs as dozens of men strolled into Avenue restaurant on Oct. 22.

The $1,000-per-ticket fundraiser, billed as a “Gentlemen’s Gala Event,” was to raise money for Vitanova Foundation, a non-profit mental health treatment facility for alcohol, drug and gambling addicts.

“If you’re going to raise money for an addiction centre, why are you involving alcohol?” said Lorello, a former Conservative executive in the riding’s association.


Russian Missile Producers Asked Not to Drink On the Job

It’s a good thing they’re in Syria and Ukraine:

Russian employees who assemble bomb and missiles are (thankfully) being told to stop drinking on the job, or else they’ll have to pay a high price… for humankind.

A top Russian official is urging state-owned arms producers to submit an ethics code in order to eliminate alcohol abuse in the workplace. While addressing human resources directors of major state-owned companies, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets stressed there was a “propensity for alcohol abuse” at those plants, the Associated Press reports. Present at the meeting were manufacturer of air-defense missile systems Almaz-Antei and nuclear corporation Rosatom. 

Golodets added that the “lack of discipline” displayed at these plants would come with a “high price not only for the factories, but for humankind.”

She also urged factory directors to take the lead and cut down on their booze consumption, particularly at office parties.

“I myself have seen corporate parties which were nothing like corporate parties,” she told the officials in comments carried by the Interfax news agency.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development reports that in 2012, 30 per cent of Russian fatalities were attributable to alcohol, the highest ratio among the nations it tracked.


Manitoba Woman Reinstated In Job After Being Drunk

Addiction problems are terrible yet they are not diseases. Calling them such removes any responsibility on the part of the person who has the problem. This case sets a terrible precedent:

A Manitoba health care worker who was fired for her alcohol addiction has been reinstated and awarded more than three years of back pay in a ruling that is likely to have wide-reaching implications.

Linda Horrocks was discriminated against for her “alcohol-related disability,” and her employer did not accommodate her special needs, the Manitoba Human Rights Commission said in a decision released Tuesday.

On June 3, 2011, Horrocks was suspended without pay from her job as an aide at the Northern Lights Manor nursing home in Flin Flon, Man., after a co-worker suspected she’d come to work inebriated. She was fired on July 20, 2011, and again April 30, 2012, after she allegedly broke an abstinence agreement.

The Northern Regional Health Authority “violated the complainant’s rights … by unfairly depriving her of an opportunity to participate in the workplace,” adjudicator Sherri Walsh wrote.

Horrocks admitted to her employer that she had an alcohol problem and agreed to seek treatment but was terminated after she refused to sign a memo stating she would abstain from alcohol. She was set to return to work nearly a year later, having decided to sign the agreement, but was once again let go by the NRHA, which said it had received two reports she’d been intoxicated outside the workplace.

Horrocks denied both allegations.

“An addiction to alcohol constitutes an illness and falls within the meaning of disability under the (Human Rights) Code,” adjudicator Sherri Walsh wrote.

“I conclude, therefore, that the complainant was treated adversely by the respondent and that her disability was a factor in that adverse treatment.”

The NRHA “(failed) to make reasonable efforts towards accommodating the complainant’s disability and associated needs.”

Walsh ordered the NRHA to reinstate Horrocks to a position and salary suited to her seniority, and pay her for wages lost since her termination – a first in Manitoba, according to a statement from the commission.

Walsh also ordered the NRHA to pay Horrocks $10,000 to compensate her for “injury to her dignity, feelings or self-respect” and to implement a “reasonable accommodation policy” within three months.


Iran to open 150 alcohol treatment centres

Iranian police dump confiscated beer cans in Tehran in 2009.

Iran plans to open 150 alcohol treatment centres, a health ministry official said on Monday, in an acknowledgement of the scale of abuse in a country where drinking is illegal.

The head of the ministry’s drug abuse department, Dr Alireza Norouzi, told the ISNA news agency that the 150 day centres would provide special settings and educational courses to help people give up alcohol.

Six of the centers to be opened by March 2016 would also provide in-patient detoxification, Norouzi said.

Iran opened its first detoxification center in Tehran in late 2013.

Authorities estimate that as many as 200,000 Iranians have an alcohol problem despite the ban on drinking in force since the Islamic revolution of 1979…


New blood alcohol sensors could make cars shut down if they sense drivers are over the legal drinking limit

Blood alcohol sensor technology might cause cars to shut down if they sense drivers are over the legal blood alcohol limit, it has been revealed.

A video showcasing the technology that is being researched by the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS) was published Thursday to YouTube.

Breath-based and touch-based sensors could be employed in vehicles…


Groundbreaking female Episcopal bishop charged with manslaughter and drunk driving

In a spectacular fall from grace, Maryland’s second-highest ranking Episcopal leader and the first female bishop in her diocese was charged with drunken driving and manslaughter after fatally striking a cyclist in late December.

Heather Cook, 58, turned herself in to authorities Friday, according to her attorney, David Irwin. Online court records show Cook’s bail was set at $2.5 million.

It was unclear late Friday whether she had posted bail. A trial is scheduled for February 6.

The charges came less than a week after the national Episcopal Church announced it had opened an investigation into Cook, whose ties to the church span generations…


Moderate drinking is healthy – for about 15% of the population

A new study of 618 Swedes with coronary heart disease and a control group of 3,000 healthy subjects assigned them to various categories based on the amount of alcohol they consumed (ethanol intake). Meanwhile, they were tested in order to identify a particular genotype (CETP TaqIB) that previous studies had found to play a role in the health benefits of alcohol consumption.

The results, which have been published in Alcohol, confirm the findings of the earlier studies. Moderate consumption of alcohol helps protect people with the genotype against coronary heart disease.

“In other words, moderate drinking has a protective effect among only 15% of the general population,” says Professor Dag Thelle, Professor Emeritus at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg…


US: Woman bishop exposed as hit-and-run driver in fatal crash was chased down and confronted by a 65-year-old bicyclist before she came forward to police

SEPTEMBER 9, 2014: From left, Maryland Bishop Eugene Sutton, newly ordained Maryland Suffragan Bishop Heather Cook, and Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori following the Sept. 6 ordination and consecration service. Photo: Richard Schori. Source.

The woman bishop who killed a cyclist in a hit-and-run was chased down by a 65-year-old man on his bicycle after she fled the scene of the accident, has learned.

Heather Elizabeth Cook, 58, has been suspended by the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, where she is the second highest-ranked member of the clergy, while the hit-and-run is investigated.

The bishop left bike-maker Tom Palermo to die by the side of the road after she struck him on Saturday. She later returned to the scene in what Bishop Eugene Taylor Sutton – the diocese’s most senior leader- described as ‘taking responsibility for her actions’…

…The development came as it was revealed that when Bishop Heather Elizabeth Cook was arrested for DWI four years ago she was so drunk she had thrown up on herself and was driving on the road shoulder with a shredded tire…

So drunk driving did not disqualify her? And we’re not talking slightly over the limit either. WTF?


Ontario Coalition Against Poverty: 5 Reasons to support feminist action tomorrow – Nov 25

Banner for Nov 25LIISA SCHOFIELD has also been for a long time on the board of or at times the “advisory council” to the Toronto Palestinian Film Festival and a member of the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid and according to my ex-OCAP source, she is the one who got John Clarke and OCAP involved in the anti-Israel cause about a decade ago.

Safety for some, violence for the poor: Five reasons to support feminist action tomorrow

Issues of violence against women have been getting a lot more attention in the news than usual in the past few weeks. Amidst these conversations, you sometimes hear reference to survivors as ‘educated’ or a ‘public figure’. The media emphasis on the class standing of survivors implies that certain lives and stories of violence are more ‘believable’ (just barely) — while others can be more easily dismissed.

November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. For the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, it marks one year since the launch of its demand for a 24-hour women and trans drop-in. As emergency homeless shelters, especially women’s shelters, continue to be at capacity and the city has consistently stalled opening new spaces, OCAP will be taking action on the 25 to fight for safer spaces, increased shelters and affordable, accessible housing.

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Pakistan: Moonshine death toll climbs to 29

unnamed-3Iqbal, the uncle of a victim who died after consuming toxic liquor, shows his picture on a mobile phone at the hospital. 

KARACHI/HYDERABAD: Lethal moonshine claimed the lives of six more people in Karachi on Thursday, bringing the death toll to 29 since Tuesday. The police, as well as the excise and taxation department, have failed yet again to take concrete measures in the wake of an anticipated surge in the sale of crude liquor on festive occasions.

Since Tuesday evening, the second day of Eidul Azha, a total of 45 victims of the home-made toxic liquor have been brought to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC). At least 10 of them were dead on arrival, Dr Seemin Jamali, the in-charge of the emergency department, told The Express Tribune.

Of the remaining victims who were admitted to the hospital in critical condition for treatment, 19 more had succumbed to the methanol poisoning, a toxic liquid alcohol used in moonshine, till Thursday. Unlike ethanol, methyl which is also called methanol is highly toxic and is unfit for human consumption.

“Around 16 more patients are still fighting for their lives in our health facility. Even if they survive, chances are their kidneys and eyesight would be damaged by the effects of poisoning,” said Dr Jamali.

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h/t Ken Z.