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Justice Department issues new guidelines on prosecution for non-disclosure of HIV status

The attorney general directed there should not be criminal prosecution where:

  • The person has not maintained a suppressed viral load, but used condoms or engaged only in oral sex or was taking treatment as prescribed, unless other risk factors are present..
  • Non-sexual criminal offences would be more appropriate than sexual offences as this would better align with the individual’s situation, such as cases where the individual’s conduct was less blameworthy.
  • If a person living with HIV has sought or received services from public health authorities, that must be taken into account when in determining whether it is in the public interest to pursue criminal charges.

The criminal law will continue to apply to persons living with HIV if they do not disclose, or misrepresent, their HIV status before sexual activity that poses a realistic possibility of HIV transmission.


Lawyer says St. Mike’s abdicated their responsibility to students

Every teacher in Ontario should be paying close attention to what’s unfolding at St. Michael’s College School, so says Family Law lawyer and expert Steve Benmor, who cites the Ontario Child and Family Services Act when he says that the principal, teachers and coaches of St. Mike’s have abdicated their responsibility to the children in their care.

Moreover, Principal Reeves had a statutory duty to report the abuse he discovered and should not have put it off for any reason.


Finnish primary school sex education book

Traditional Britain Group, a British ultra-conservative organization, has expressed outrage over a “Finnish primary school sex education book” allegedly being distributed by a Finnish youth group, Hivpoint. The organisation shared an image on their social media network along with a text description of the brochure, which was taken from the “Just Wear It in Sex” Finnish brochure.


Who’s Afraid Of The “Intellectual Dark Web”?

I have been meaning to comment on the sound and fury about Bari Weiss’New York Times piece on the “Intellectual Dark Web,” an informal network of “heretics” and “renegades” who dissent from various progressive orthodoxies and are often sidelined by the academic and media establishment. (The term, coined by mathematician and Thiel Capital managing director Eric Weinstein, is semi-facetious.)

I don’t know if I should consider myself a Dark Webizen. I’ve written for Quillette, mentioned in Weiss’ article as part of the IDW — a smart publication committed to genuine intellectual pluralism. I’ve also been a guest on the IDW-identified Dave Rubin show on YouTube, of which I take a considerably dimmer view these days. I share the IDW’s distaste for identity politics, “political correction,” and the “Oppression Olympics.” But I’m wary of cliques and intellectual ghettos, and I don’t consider myself exiled or self-exiled from the mainstream, even if my views on many issues consign me to its margins. On some things, I’m a probably fellow traveler of the IDW; on other things, a critic.


CLASSY: Stormy Daniels To Perform With Naked Trump Statue

Porn star Stormy Daniels, unsatisfied with the publicity she has already received, is going to try to ratchet the Attention-O-Meter up another level when she tours Oregon this week, dancing with one of the nude statues of President Trump created during the 2016 election season by the activist art collective, Indecline. Daniels will reportedly stage a re-enactment of herself spanking Trump, a story Daniels had told to CNN’s Anderson Cooper.


Dear Men: Research Studies Say You Shouldn’t Date a Liberal Woman

Men, we need to talk. If you are into traditional beauty standards, want a woman who will be okay with making you a sandwich once in awhile, getting married, or having kids someday, we should probably go over the reasons why dating a conservative woman as opposed to a liberal would be your best option. Let’s face it, most young women of dating age probably planning on going to college if they aren’t there already, and studies have shown that college graduates are more consistently liberal, but is it because they are more educated, or are they just more indoctrinated?


Black Dominatrix Uses Her White Male Clients for ‘Emotional Reparations’

A dominatrix is using her career to transform how white men see Black women. In what she describes as an “emotional sense of reparations,” Mistress Velvet employs Black feminist theory to help push her mostly white, male clients from fetishizing Black women to having a deeper understanding.

The Domme’s relationship with her submissive subjects has had profound implications for her clients.

“I describe it as a form of reparations ― not in a systemic way like we’re getting land back, but definitely on an individual level, it provides me with an emotional sense of reparations,” she told The Huffington Post in a Tuesday, Feb. 13 article. “That’s because of the nature of the dynamic ― that [my clients] usually are white men, that they’re straight, and they’re usually pretty well-off to be able to sustain a relationship with a Domme.

“I started to think more about my relationship with them,” the Chicago PhD student continued. “A lot of them were asking questions. Some people were saying, ‘This is really impacting me in terms of how I think outside of our sessions.’ A client said he started to notice he would only hold the door open for Black women. One client started an organization for Black single mothers in the South Side of Chicago.”

Still, Mistress Velvet said she wants more of a drastic shift in her clients and “just allowing them to be submissive” doesn’t always do the job. That’s when she employs Black feminist theory from books like Audre Lorde’s “Sister Outsiders” and Patricia Hill Collins’ “Black Feminist Thought.” The chapter on controlling images is one Mistress Velvet definitely has the men read.

“Then, it’s moving from them simply fetishizing Black women, to realizing: This is a systemic issue I’m contributing to by the virtue of being a white man and being rich,” she said.

“In terms of unpacking their way of fetishizing Black women and stereotypes about Black women, I ask them, ‘Why do you want to be in my presence, why do you find me attractive?’” she added. “And sometimes they might say things that then remind me of stereotypes of Black women ― like a jezebel or something ― so I’ll have them read a piece about how what they said is related to this historic phenomenon about thinking about Black women. I say, ‘Here are its roots. Here’s why it’s problematic.’ That way, I can say, ‘You can idolize me, but we need to have it be done in a way that isn’t also problematic.’”


Catherine Deneuve signs open letter that claims ‘witch-hunt’ in wake of Harvey Weinstein scandal poses threat to sexual freedom

The revered French actor Catherine Deneuve has hit out at a new “puritanism” sparked by sexual harassment scandals, declaring that men should be “free to hit on” women.

Deneuve was one of about 100 female French writers, performers and academics who wrote an open letter deploring the wave of “denunciations” that has followed claims that the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein raped and sexually assaulted women over decades.

They claimed the “witch-hunt” that followed threatens sexual freedom.

“Rape is a crime, but trying to seduce someone, even persistently or cack-handedly, is not – nor is men being gentlemanly a macho attack,” said the letter published in the newspaper Le Monde.

“Men have been punished summarily, forced out of their jobs when all they did was touch someone’s knee or try to steal a kiss,” said the letter, which was also signed by Catherine Millet, author of the explicit 2002 bestseller The Sexual Life of Catherine M.

Full disclosure… I have had a lifelong crush on Catherine Deneuve, she can do no wrong ever.