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Sweden: Beggars Occupy Business Parking Lot

At Flextrum in Lund, the company has tried to take back their parking lot for almost a year now due to beggars. From the community and state, there does not seem to be any help offered, so the decision may end up being to move the company. Maud Rahm is CEO for Flextrus and represents Å & R Carton who rents two parking slots by the community for their employees. She says to Sydsvenskan that the community now has to choose what they prioritize most.

The beggars park their cars on the parking lot, live in them and even make fires from them (cooking food?). Flextrus manufactures packaging materials and the activity does not go well with smoke, which would mean a risk of fire if the smoke made its way inside the ventilation. According to Rahm, they have goods worth millions that does not tolerate smoke at all.
The company early on told the beggars that they could not park in the lot as they saw fit, and in the last half-year, even the property owner had to be involved who made several complaints to the police about unlawful fires and vandalism.

We have done as one should. First we talked to them and told them kindly not to occupy the area. There was no effect. They have been there for almost a full year. There’s never been as many beggars as now.

And the trust with community and the police is not the best.

I don’t think they know what to do. This is so incredibly strange. This is something we rent and pay for and we cannot stay there. To me it is rather an odd situation. I feel as if nobody is doing anything about this. Nobody wants to handle it. We’re trying to be fair, but this is not how it should be.


Note to our readers- Beggars is a common Swedish term for the Roma.


Wrong “Tone” Worse Than The Fact That Gypsies Use Playground As Their Latrine

The invading beggary:  In many parts of the country, Swedes are frustrated about nothing being done about the beggars that have come here, especially those coming from Romania. When the authorities do nothing, many feel they have to take matters into their own hands. In a residential area, in Eriksberg Uppsala, some residents have put up warnings signs telling people about the hazard of gypsies using the playgrounds as a latrine.

The leftist-liberal mainstream media thinks it’s more important noting the “tone” in the warning sign, rather than the fact that people are using their children’s playground as a latrine.

It was on Friday that the police got a call about somebody putting up warning signs in the area at playgrounds, and that those who have kids or dogs, should pay attention. The police took the case and said that the initiative was of private matter, and did not have anything to do with any authority establishment. The signs were taken down.

It is unclear whether police usually take on a case where they take down signs in residential areas; such as lost cats, apartment exchange, etc, and if these are situated at wrong places, and whether this has a political issue rather than upholding the actual law. The suspects actions are even more valued because of this, when the police should in reality take the case and make sure the area is not used as a latrine, rather than to use their time to take down the signs by the law of order.

This is a re-occurring problem for the residents having beggars tend to their toilet needs where many children play and a place where dog owners walk the park, and PICK UP THE FECES in doggie-bags. (The irony here…)

The association have several times brought this to notice, but the community have not done anything about it. For some of the residents, the powerlessness they felt took over and they took matters to their own hands and put up the signs. Even if the media does an upside-down priority as with the police officers that took the call to take down the signs, the news of this has spread on media in which there is some hope that things might get attention and something is done about it.



Social Democrats Member – Hungary Should Be Exempt From The EU

Hungary’s decision to build a wall against Serbia to stop the flow of immigrants to EU, has made the member of European parliament Anna Hedh (S) see red. The 48-yearold now questions if Hungary should at all be allowed in the union.

I was outright angered. It’s shameful, terrible and maddening what the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán and his right-government are doing. I can hardly believe this is true, says Anna Hedh in a statement.

The Hungarian authorities began the construction of the roughly 112 mile long border fence, facing the Serbian border. Because Orbán pointed to the invasion of immigrants from third world countries made an existential threat against the whole of the west civilized society. The project should lead to Hungary being thrown out of the EU, according to Anna Hedh.

I am questioning if Hungary should at all still be a member of the EU, after this decision. This is another proof that Orbán violates the free rights that EU membership provides. Their politics is another example how people are oppressed in both Hungary and outside of their borders, says the 48-yearold social democrat.

Even the people’s party EU parliamentarians Cicilia Wikström points to Hungary, in which she says goes against the international agreement.

There is no doubt about Hungary distancing itself from Europa and is developing into a autocratically and intolerant country, that goes against the values of the EU-cooperation rests on, says Wikström according to Europortalen. Hungary has in the recent times seen a soaring amount of asylum-seekers from third world countries. Just this year alone, the prediction is close to 80.000 who seek an asylum.



The Crash Is Near – Communities Forced To Accept “Unaccompanied Children”

This morning, Mikael Ribbenvik from Swedish Migration Board, who was behind the decision to give Syrians automatic residence permits in Sweden, was a guest at SVT (Swedish Television) to discuss the urgent situation with the explosive amount of “unaccompanied children”. Due to the steady flow – and increasing – of “unaccompanied”, in parallel with the general flow of immigrants, the costs to the Swedish taxpayer where billions and billions, goes anywhere but to them.

To resolve this this situation, the municipality is forced to accept the alleged children. Yesterday the immigration office notified that municipalities will be forced to accept more immigrants, than what they’ve agreed on since before, to now take in more. According to Ribbenvik, it now requires serious cooperation.

Swedish Immigration Office, State Provincial Offices and municipalities must cooperate in this matter. We have a deal on how the distribution is supposed to look like. The importance of this issue and with help of municipalities, we can come to a conclusion. We will in the near future sit down and discuss the question, and see how the distribution and agreements will look like.

Before, municipalities were forced with laws to accept asylum-seekers, and since then now include “unaccompanied”. And according to Ribbenvik, in situations like these – a little bit hardship for now, but great winnings for the future (winnings? Is this guy on crack?) When you meet these children you notice they have a great spirit and momentum, because they’ve made it across the whole planet. And there are enormous resources here, but at the same time means great challenges for municipalities in the short run. (Put the pipe down!)

Göteborgs-Posten (Gothenburg Post) chose to illustrate the article’s “unaccompanied” with a picture of toys – a rather awkward attempt to keep the illusion.


Welcome to lala-land.


Gypsy Camp Behind The Police Station

Behind the police station in Norrköping, a few gypsies have made a tent-camp in a small clump of trees. According to Anders Selevik at the police in Norrköping, a few persons are making camp there. They have been there for about 3-4 weeks. It is very dirty and they seem to use the small clump of trees as their toilet. It does not look good at all because of the sanitary hazard, says Anders Selevik.

The police have been there and did talk to the persons who live there, to “talk” with them about how they cannot be there. But the problem, according to Anders Selevik, is the reason several different people (what?) are occupying the spot. Purely speaking in the name of policing – they can’t do anything about it at the moment, they say. We haven’t had the time; this is not a high-priority case, says the station officer Gittan Gustafsson, at the police station in Norrköping.


“Dialogue Police” is an often used expression for the police in Sweden. It seems to work… NOT!


Sweden: Four Out Of Five Immigrants Do Not Graduate Elementary School

The Swedish mass-immigration in general, and the derailing of the so-called ‘unaccompanied children’, is described by those whom advocate for them as an investment for the future. But behind the political spectacle, a different reality emerges.

For example: 80 pro cent of all newly arrived asylum-seekers with proper school age fail to graduate elementary school, thus lacking high school eligibility. Even amidst the group that are of second generation asylum-seekers, they too show negative numbers.

This means that four out of five newly arrived are faced with a job market that has very little to offer them. Sweden has a low number of unqualified jobs to offer them. This includes the generation of asylum-seekers who have had their children born in Sweden. At best, this means that “only” a couple of billions will be spent on this group as welfare. In many cases, this means that not only are they awaiting a life of unemployment, but also the possibility of heavy criminal behavior or radical Islam/terrorism, far more so than just the economical impact it might have on society as a whole.

The liberal People’s Party D.N. (Daily News) draws the attention (use Google translate to read the article) on the frightening numbers, only to turn it around and use them as a “punching bag” against the current Leftist/Green Party. And the current head of school matters, Gustav Fridolin who prior to becoming a minister proclaimed with high regards how he would change the Swedish school development, from free-fall to success in just one hundred days.

What Daily News Amanda Björkman “forgets” to mention is her own cherished People’s Party with Jan Björklund at the tip, had responsibility for the development of the Swedish school for eight years; before Fridolin took over and that Björklund during several of these years had the same high regard to accomplish much in short time.

Björklund is right about Fridolin not being able to steer the crashing plane to safety. He won’t even marginally change the fact that a crushing majority that do not graduate elementary school, are first and second generation asylum-seekers. In this regard, Fridolin can shake hands with his predecessor – Björklund.

Fridolin is burdened by a heavy leftist/liberal educational quagmire by the bourgeois left-overs, which means that Fridolin’s failure will be far more monumental than that of Björklund. Facts are that no school minister who does not openly proclaim that the school is not prepared by the increase in immigration and in the politics of immigration, will be doomed to failure unless substantial changes are to be implemented to handle this.

On a side-note: There are PLENTY of high school graduates who have to compete with the already high immigration for jobs. Young people in Sweden have a really rough future ahead of them unless there’s a change in the near future to give them a head-start in life. Even suicides in small communities… I might do an article about this in the future.



“Beggars” Drive Fancy Luxurious BMW’s And Still Resort To Begging…?

The mainstream media will ENVER report on this. But a beggar family drives cars worth tens of thousands of dollars! So why do they beg? According to P4 (Swedish Radio) they did not know about this. Yet, ‘Fria Tider’ found out that the supposed beggars had several luxurious cars registered in their name. One must ask: how is this possible? A curious citizen of Umeå wanted to know if the beggar’s condition were as bad as reported… Which lead him to search for the truth. He found out that the “beggars” – which had their 15 minutes of fame on T.V. – told another, much more sinister story.

The citizen who got too curious, found himself and his family with threats from the leftist extremists. He said that he is not a Sverige Democrat (Swedish Democrat), but that he did agree on certain points about the beggar situation. He also said that the media – who portrayed the beggars as something to pity – did not always tell the truth. He said that if they are so poor, they should just sell their expensive cars.

When ‘Fria TIder’ called the Swedish Transport Agency, they said that the beggar family owned seven cars in total. And that they did not know about this – P4 that is. Odd; how a single citizen can do the work of a several “journalists”. I do smell some bias and fear of that “racist” hammer. When will this country wake up? When will they wake up and see the truth? People from foreign countries are RAPING this country senseless, and mainstream media plays along to bias opinions.

What will it take? It’s already proven that there is organized begging in Sweden. But the mainstream media will not touch it. Are we to succumb to our own kindness and naivety? Are we too afraid to tackle the real questions in this country? When the obvious evidence stares you in the eye – literally begging you – you are supposed to think. But many Swedes do not think. They just go with the flow.

It’s sad, because it is resembling North Korea where information is censored. And Internet is limited and monitored. Anything that is not politically correct, is shunned and labeled. So what are we supposed to do? I am not a racist, and I do understand that people are used daily. I am sure beggars – or at least some of them – are forced to beg, since it is proven as an organized profession. But how are we to tackle this?



SVT (Swedish Televison) Apologetic About Not Giving Proper Childbirth To Beggars In Sweden

As of late, it appears that the propaganda from SVT and SR (Swedish Radio) has softened. Tino Sanandaji (economics) says it trumps the reality and pulverizes the claim of the positive effects of immigration.

The Arena group’s idea – which is a think-tank – on the leftist corner, in turn is financed by the LO (Swedish Trade Union Confederation), released a report on the positive effect of immigration, and earning the Swedish people a staggering 900 billion Swedish crowns (~106 billion dollars).

As per tradition, D.N. (Daily News) reported – as did Sadvikenrapporten – on the massive winnings that the immigration has supplied to Sweden; the very same day they said IS-terrorists do not pose any threat to Sweden. Sanadaji did a short report with this statement (Google translate to read the report).

These days, it is SVT that tells the story of a sixteen year old Beatrice who begs in Sweden and is saddened by the fact that the average taxpayer in Sweden does not pay for her delivery of her unborn child. SVT mentions of a new law that stipulate that even immigrants (who lack the right credentials/ID) should be given substantial care, although it is for those who “can’t refuse”, but to this effect, the Swedish taxpayers should stand for 250.000 Swedish crowns (~$30.000).

Look, I don’t like any child to suffer, but coming to Sweden and “begging” for rights – as opposed to doing so in any other country – should be a fine line. What this shows is the naivety of the “good-hearted” Swedes who cannot see past their kindness and benevolence.  If you can make the decision to plan for a family, then you can provide for yourself. Otherwise, it’s just a scheme.



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