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Latest from the United Church of Canada: New Edmonton camp allows transgender kids to just be themselves

Camp Dragonfly is a break from public life from trans children, says the organizer, where their ‘existence is constantly under question.’

…Campers also chose whether they wanted to go by a different name, or switch their pronouns, for example from “he” to “she” or “they.”

For transgender kids, this is part of what makes the camp a safer place. To have the freedom to choose, says camp organizer Zoe Chaytors, and for the adults in the room to support that choice, is a break from public life, where their “existence is constantly under question.”

The camp was not about being trans, it was simply about being a kid, says Chaytors. Kickboxing, campfire songs and playing by the creek were all part of the two-day retreat for kids ages six to 13.

The 25 campers were supported by four trans, genderfluid and non-binary counsellors…

I mean: What could go wrong?