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Important note about the Evening photos

It appears that 500px has blocked pinning from their site (the only large site at the moment that allows uploading of high resolution photos). This is where I was getting 95% of the photos you have been seeing. There is no other way to obtain them.

I can still pin from the iPad app, but that will removed in the future without a doubt.

The problem is that the people posting there are doing it as a way to attract paying customers (like Getty Images). This is not for casuals who want to show a few just because they enjoy getting a following and positive comments.

Furthermore, 500px only allows loading of a number certain for free. After that, the users have to pay.

I have expected this to happen eventually: some of the people who are paying are now seeing their work all over the Internet.

While some amateurs might be happy knowing how popular they were, certainly the paying customers would be annoyed.

This is part of the reason that I remove them after a week. I am trying not to annoy them.

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Cherson & Molschky: Immigration Secrets No One Wants You to Know

There is a high probability that in just some 50 years, native Europeans will be substituted in their own countries by immigrants from the Middle East, China and Africa.

Sociology, statistics and biology confirm this in one study after another. But to say it in public is taboo! It´s bad. It´s racism. And xenophobia. It´s something a decent man should not say.

And to say that immigration should be stopped? It´s nationalism, and some crazy liberal journalists even tend to call such ideas something close to fascism!…