Pusha T concert in Toronto erupts into violence

Rapper Pusha T’s show in Toronto was interrupted by a massive brawl when a group of people threw drinks at the rapper and tried to rush the stage.

While early reports claimed that Pusha himself was jumped on the stage, a video from Apollo For the People Instagram clearly shows that he wasn’t involved in the altercation that ultimately spilled onto the stage.

The video shows Pusha T, 41 (real name Terrence Thornton) on stage performing, when he’s drenched by multiple drinks that were hurled onto the stage.

Obviously they have internalized Canada’s systemic racism. John Tory must promise more millions!


The NDP is in trouble — and that’s bad news for the Conservatives

As the next federal election approaches, Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives might be asking themselves whether they can win without a strong NDP.

With the New Democrats and their leader, Jagmeet Singh, struggling in the polls, the answer to that question might not be the one the Conservatives want to hear.

A big part of the problem is Scheer himself. For instance Michelle Rempel has declared that a conservative government would end support for the UN’s migration compact which Justin is going to sign on to shortly.

Why won’t Scheer say this publicly?

I suspect his silence is due to the party’s ethnic voter calculus, a mass immigration policy plays well in those circles and it simply would not do to be seen as threatening to curtail Canada’s intake. Scheer’s silence also provides plausible deniability, Rempel’s statement can in future be easily dismissed as nothing more than a rogue party member speaking out of turn. Scheer’s support for unnecessary mass immigration is little different than Justin’s. It’s all about pleasing corporate Canada, depressing wages, balkanizing the electorate, keeping the serfs busy scrambling for public and private resources made scarce by the influx and garnering some votes along the way by rewarding local ethnic strongmen.

That’s how multiculturalism works in Canada, that’s what decides immigration policy for the rest of us and we all know how very un-Canadian it is to oppose diversity.


American missionary, 27, is shot dead with arrows by protected tribe that he tried to convert to Christianity

Border controls taken seriously here.

An American missionary was killed by arrows shot by protected tribesmen living in one of the world’s most isolated regions in India’s Andaman islands – but they can’t be prosecuted.

John Allen Chau, 27, had taken a boat ride with local fishermen before venturing alone in a canoe to the remote North Sentinel Island where the indigenous people live cut off completely from the outside world.

As soon as he set foot on the island, Chau found himself facing a flurry of arrows, official sources said.


Canadian military not doing enough to fix sexual misconduct problem: AG report

The federal auditor general has warned the Canadian Forces that it has failed to properly support victims of sexual misconduct, undercutting attempts to eradicate such behaviour in the ranks.

In a frank assessment released Tuesday, Michael Ferguson also blasted what he said were long delays in resolving cases of sexual misconduct and the poor level of training for service members on the issue.


The UN Global Compact for Migration will damage Western civilisation

The ‘Global Compact for Migration’, in the works since April 2017, is a rather hushed up plan to move large numbers of people from the third world to countries with a strong, sustainable economy.

In other words, the United Nations along with all the countries who have signed up to this plan want to move large numbers of people from Africa, the Middle East and Central America into Europe, North America and East Asia.


Continental Breakfast

Bacon Spinach Omelette

President Trump holds fiery press briefing with reporters

President Trump left Washington, DC on Tuesday to spend Thanksgiving at his Mar-A-Lago estate in Florida, which he calls his “Southern White House.”

Prior to his departure from the White House, the president held a lengthy and somewhat fiery press briefing with reporters, as they pounded him with questions on several hot topics in the news, and he fired back.

Bill De Blasio is why we should be allowed to buy full auto and grenades

Earlier I said Portland is why you should stock up on ammo, well New York City mayor, Bill De Blasio is why we should be allowed to stock up on full auto and grenades.

He did an interview with New York Magazine. I am going to post the entirety of his answer to a question (and the question) below.

Manitoba Court of Appeal found judge gave a lighter sentence to refugee

The Manitoba Court of Appeal found that a judge purposely gave a Somali refugee a light sentence to avoid having him be deported.
Mustaf Ahmed Yare drove his car into a police cruiser and threatened to kill the officers who arrested him.
He was originally sentenced to five months and 25 days, but after further review, it was increased to 13 months and 10 days. Judges found that an increased sentence was necessary, as the original sentence was not reflective enough for the severity of the crime committed.

Trans Child Abuse: School “Tricked” Pupils Into Believing They’re the Wrong Sex

At most, 0.03 percent of the population — three out of 10,000 people — suffers from “gender dysphoria,” the strong sense that one was born in the body of the wrong sex. Yet 17 children at one British school alone are in the process of “changing gender,” to use the common but incorrect terminology. A whistleblower reports that this isn’t because the institution is somehow beating the odds, however, but because social engineers are beating into the kids’ heads that they should be odd.

Despite Quebec Cutting Immigration, Federal Government Is Giving Them $50 Million More

Quebec’s new government is planning to cut immigration by 10,000.

Common-sense would dictate that less immigration means less of a need for immigration funding from the federal government (excluding separate funding for dealing with illegal border crossers).

Yet, there’s very little common sense in the federal government.


German state plans to ban religious symbols from courts

The government of Germany’s state of Lower Saxony plans to ban for judges and prosecutors from wearing religious symbols such as crosses or headscarves in the state’s courtrooms.

Promoters of the measure say it is aimed at making clear that judges and prosecutors are neutral and free of any religious or ideological bias.

The plan has the support of Germany’s Justice Minister Katarina Barley, a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD).


Restoring Fairness to Campus Sexual-Assault Investigations

Since April 2011, when the Obama administration used Title IX to create accuser-friendly procedures in campus sexual-assault adjudications, colleges and universities have been on the losing end of 117 state and federal court decisionsin lawsuits filed by accused students. That body of law forms the spine of the proposed Title IX regulations made public Friday by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Fairness and balance form the proposed rules’ twin themes. An “equitable grievance procedure,” according to DeVos’s proposed regulations, “seriously considers any contrary arguments or evidence the respondent might have,” through procedures that provide the accused student with “specific due process protections.”


The Most High-Profile Apostate Yet

Now 25 years old, Zayn Malik was born and raised in a working-class household in Bradford, England, the son of a Pakistani Muslim father and an English mother who was an Islamic convert. When he was 17, he and four other singers who were competing on the British show The X Factor were teamed up into a boy band by Simon Cowell and another judge. The band, called One Direction, quickly became the biggest of international acts. What set Zayn apart was that he identified as a Muslim. Oh, and his sultry good looks. Harry Styles was boyishly handsome, but Zayn was sexy.

Depending on your point of view, this teen heartthrob was either good or bad PR for Islam.


Big Media’s Power Games and the Khashoggi Affair

…Khashoggi’s murder, and the revelation that it had been committed on orders of the government in Riyadh, are a setback to the people of Saudi Arabia and their near-term chances for more constructive engagement with the rest of the world.

What I want to discuss, however, has mostly to do with the dishonest, hypocritical posturing by powerful interests that want to exploit decent people’s revulsion at the murder for dark and selfish ends that will not be conducive to human development and peace in the Middle East.


Moral Bankruptcy

People who follow politics, even casually, learn not to expect high moral standards from politicians. But there are some outrages that show a new low, even for politicians.

Among the consequences of Democrats’ recent election victories, especially at the state and local levels, is the election of officials who have publicly announced their opposition to charter schools, and their determination to restrict or roll back the growth of those schools.

What have the charter schools done to provoke such opposition?


British Columbia moves to phase out non-electric car sales by 2040

British Columbia’s premier said on Tuesday his government will introduce legislation next year that will require all new light-duty cars and trucks sold in the province by 2040 to be electric or zero-emission vehicles.

Premier John Horgan said the government will phase in the sales targets, which apply only to new vehicles. They will start at 10 percent by 2025, rising to 30 percent by 2030 and 100 percent by 2040.

To support the plan, British Columbia will expand its fast-charging network and spend an addition C$20 million ($15 million) this year on incentives for consumers who buy electric vehicles.

MORE… Can an electric vehicle conquer Canada’s ‘Highway Thru Hell’?