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Montreal woman says man tried to rip off her niqab, attackers now have ‘no age, gender or colour’

“I was about to go to the Metro when I saw people coming out of the Metro, and one person was coming towards me,” she told Global News.

“He pulled my niqab and kept walking.”

She says he also hit her in the chest then ran across the street before returning to attempt to take the bus.

Montreal’s first public consultations on systemic racism, discrimination underway

The first-ever public consultations on systemic racism and discrimination are underway in Montreal.

After two years of work, community activist Balarama Holness is celebrating victory.

“This is the pivotal moment, a signature moment for Montrealers to come, be empowered to voice their concerns, their ambitions and really the solutions to mitigate racism, to mitigate discrimination and improve equality in Montreal,” said Holness, who is the co-founder of Montreal in Action.

Trudeau dressed as a typical New Zealander

Trudeau in Paris for ‘Christchurch Appeal’ meeting

Notably absent is the United States, which was not invited and not expected to sign any pledge because it is reluctant to regulate the internet due to concerns about limiting free speech.

The effort began on something of a high note on Wednesday when Facebook announced it will tighten access to livestreaming to prevent the sharing of graphic video as took place with the Christchurch attacks.

Joe Biden: Second Amendment Does Not Say You’re ‘Entitled’ to Own a Gun

Biden also spoke about past gun bans he supported. He specifically referenced the 1994 “assault weapons” ban and noted that it also “limited the number of bullets in a clip.” Additionally, he spoke about being former President Barack Obama’s point man for gun control following the December 14, 2012, attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School.

He said, “There are so many other things we can do to make schools safer, other than arming teachers.” He did not specify, however, what those other things are. Rather, he pivoted to the next question.

Trudeau government to release “approved” list of newspapers and websites

The Trudeau government is set to release what they call an “A-list of newspapers and websites deemed reliable under a multi-million dollar subsidy program.” This list will be determined by federal agencies according Blacklock’s Reporter.

Senator Raynell Andreychuk of Saskatchewn pointed out that “Selection committees appointed by the government [means] we’re intruding on the freedom of the press.”