Evening Photos + Corgi quartet + Cat joke

(1) Winter wonderland (County Cavan, Ireland) by Marius Kastečkas

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(2) Autumn in the birch forest (Penza Region, Russia) by Eugene Prunk

(3) Columnar basalt of Cape Stolbchaty (Kuril Islands, Russia) by Ekaterina Vasyagina

(4) Flowery meadow with poppies (Peloponnese, Greece) by Peter Adams

(5) December sunrise (Banff, Alberta) by Marc Breau

(6) Late snow falls in spring (Germany) by Kilian Schönberger (@kilianschoenberger)

(7) Autumn in the Smoky Mountains (Tennessee) by Marylee Pope

(8) March birches (Nizhnyaya Tura, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia) by (@igosheff)

(9) Wild flowers (Majorca, Spain) by Dirk Seifert

(10) Lightning storm (Blackpool, England) by Stephen Cheatley at Country Life Magazine (@countrylifemagazine)

(11) Rainforest (Olympic National Park, Washington) by Dustin Wong

(12) The Dresden Frauenkirche* [Church of Our Lady] (Germany) by Tomy (@magictiron)*Rebuilt in the 1990’s after being reduced to rubble during WW II

(Bonus) Corgi quartet meet for a walk by Aggie (@agatha_corgi)



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