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Sausage-Stuffed Piglet Buns

A great housewarming gift for your new Muslim neighbors

Trudeau says Ontario ‘shortsighted and irresponsible’ for challenging carbon tax

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Ontario and other provinces trying to block the federal carbon tax are shortsighted and irresponsible.

Trudeau gave a speech to an environmental conference in Montreal today during which he slammed Ontario’s constitutional challenge to the federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act.

Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and New Brunswick are all either challenging the carbon tax in court or have signalled an intent to do so.

German Women’s Magazine Gives Tips On Treating Stab Wounds

The April edition of the women’s magazine Illu der Frau contained the article “How do I treat a stab wound?” along with an adjacent subtitle which highlights the growing problem of knife crime across the country, Tichy’s Einblick reports.

The article aims to give practical advice for those who may be victims or witness stabbing attacks saying, “Importantly, before you provide first aid, make sure the perpetrators have disappeared, your own safety is a priority.”

‘Critical Becky Studies’ Conference Comes To Toronto

You might be surprised to learn that “Becky,” an insult used to describe a basic white woman, has trickled into academia. Earlier this month, the Metro Toronto Convention Center held a symposium called “Critical Becky Studies: Critical Explorations of Gender, Race, and the Pedagogies of Whiteness,” reported Campus Reform.

What’s next? Critical cracker studies? Holistic honky analysis? Would this be acceptable for any other race? It also kind of poisons the well just a bit. Imagine purporting to give an objective presentation on Trump’s White House and the title is “Inside America’s Fascist Regime.”

Tech giants plotting to suppress ALL conservative, pro-Trump voices so they can help Democrats STEAL the 2020 election

For nearly a year leading up to the 2018 midterms, Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, and other major platforms began censoring pro-Trump content from various well-trafficked conservative news sites like this one, as evidenced by substantial drops in social media referral traffic that, in many cases, served as the economic lifeline for such sites.

Before long it was discovered that the drop in traffic wasn’t due to some innocent reprogramming of search algorithms, as the tech companies claimed, but rather a concerted, sustained effort on their part to hide, “shadow ban,” and outright remove content favorable to the president and Republicans in general.

Justin Trudeau projected to be the largest debt accumulator in Canada’s history: Fraser Institute

Excluding Prime Ministers who served during a world war or a major economic downturn, Justin Trudeau is projected to go down as the biggest debt accumulating Prime Minister Canada has ever seen.

A new report from the Fraser Institute detailing federal spending by Prime Ministers shows that Justin Trudeau is projected to raise the federal debt per person by 5.6% by the end of his first term. Sir Mackenzie Bowell and Sir John Abbott are the only other Prime Ministers to have increased the federal debt without facing an economic downturn or global conflict.

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