5000 bucks for his girlfriend got your Sikh extremist candidate OK’d with Patrick Brown

Then-Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown asked donor to give funds to girlfriend

Patrick Brown told a top Ontario Progressive Conservative Party donor to give $5,000 to the then-leader’s girlfriend on the same day he agreed to let the supporter’s candidate run in a controversial nomination race, according to newly unsealed court documents.

Mr. Brown was under “pressure” from the Indian consulate to reject the candidate, an individual whose father had alleged ties to Sikh extremism, the documents say. But Mr. Brown, who is now the mayor of Brampton, signed off on the candidacy on the same day that the donor provided $5,000 to his girlfriend and $2,000 to an unidentified individual for PC Party campaign work. The money, described as covering their salaries, was not declared as a political donation.

Two words. Term Limits.