Collision course: Free speech vs big tech

From WSTale:

When Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook called for regulating harmful internet content in an opinion column last month, Republicans in Washington expressed outrage that he was calling on the government to regulate speech.

Within hours, the company’s top lobbyists started spreading another message to conservatives: Don’t take his suggestion too seriously.

In a flurry of calls and emails to regulators, consumer groups and think tanks — as well as in person, at a weekly breakfast gathering of influential conservatives — the operatives said Mr. Zuckerberg was not encouraging new limits on speech in the United States. His target was mostly overseas regulators, they said, and he has other ideas for Washington. More.

Reality check: If you believe him, put your affairs in the hands of a trusted person. If you are Canadian, don’t vote for the Liberals or the NDP.

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