“Muslims feel uncomfortable with scantily clad, ugly people”

Muslim councilor wants halal beach in The Hague: “Muslims feel uncomfortable with scantily clad, ugly people”

A nudist beach? Then also a ‘halal beach’ in The Hague. At least, if it is up to Party of the Unity Councilor Arnoud van Doorn. According to the controversial Dutch politician, Muslims feel “unpleasant with scantily clad, ugly people.”

According to Van Doorn, there is a need for a so-called ‘halal beach’. Muslims don’t feel at home on most beaches, he says. “Not only Muslims, but also many other residents feel uncomfortable with the appearance of very scantily dressed and often unesthetically designed beachgoers,” he writes to The Hague’s city council. “In addition, women in particular indicate that they are increasingly confronted with unwanted allusions and advances by people of the opposite sex during beach visits.”

Note – Google Translate. h/t MPS