Why is conservative politics such a natural home for white supremacists?: ̷N̷e̷i̷l̷ ̷M̷a̷c̷d̷o̷n̷a̷l̷d̷ ̷ By Katie Telford, Crayon By Justin Trudeau

Interesting how the term “white nationalism” has somehow begun to supplant the more honest phrase “white supremacy,” both here and in the United States.

Everyone seems to be using it now. It will be an election campaign topic in our general election this fall, and the American one late next year.

And let’s be clear, it’s a euphemism. The word nationalism, to most people, has a virtuous whiff; historically, it’s been conflated with terms like patriotism and loyalty and solidarity with one’s civic tribe.

This is low even by CBC standards, the left’s favourite Trump smear, the “fine people” Charlottesville comment is a lie. And if guilt by even the slimmest of association is a thing then Justin Trudeau is a woman beating pedophile terrorist rapist – Hello Ghomeshi, Joshua Boyle and Peter Dalgish.

Care about mass immigration? You’re a white supremacist.

Question diversity and multiculturalism? You’re a white supremacist.

Speak out against political Islam? You’re a white supremacist.

Defend your own interests rather than than roll over and die as the CBC would prefer? You’re a white supremacist.

Dissent from the Liberal Party agenda? You’re a white supremacist.

Voting against Justin Trudeau? You’re a white supremacist.

Welcome to your tax subsidized CBC, a subsidiary of the Liberal Party of Canada.