Evening Photos + Corgi

(1) Lake Tahoe sunset (Emerald Bay, California) by Mumtaz Shamsee

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(2) Glacial waters of the Chilko River (Cariboo / Chilcotin, B.C.) by Robyn Mumford (@robynlouisephoto)

(3) Cascade Lake (Adirondack State Park, New York) by Adam Baker

(4) River Äkäsjoki in the twilight (Lapland, Finland) by Juuso Oikarinen

(5) Vergelegen Wine Estate (Somerset West, near Capetown, South Africa) by Sascha Barco (@blablabarco)

(6) Autumn forest (Kiev, Ukraine) by Alexey Milokost

(7) Winter in the Khibiny (Umbolka Creek, Murmansk Region, Russia) by Roman Goryachiy

(8) Spring flowers by Nyoro (@nyotome)

(9) Elk in the fall (Oxbow, Wyoming) by Eamon Gallagher

(10) Winter twilight (Saariselkä, Finland) by Terhi Tuovinen (@terhituovinen)

(11) Great Dixter House and Gardens (Northiam, East Sussex) by Bob Radlinski

(12) The old beech tree (Bavaria, Germany) by Kilian Schönberger

(Bonus) (@henrythe13th) was just recognized by his instagram on a walk. This is a pretty weird but proud Dad moment by David Perry (@pavidderry)

Reader Pat Dooley has some animal photos. Tonight: A duck and turtles:

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