Corbyn would be PM and Labour would overtake Tories if elections were held now – poll

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn would become prime minister and his party would take over the House of Commons, dealing a crushing blow to the May government should a snap election be held now.

An Electoral Calculus poll commissioned by the Sunday Telegraph has revealed that the Conservatives would be upstaged by Corbyn and Co. in the event of a general election. The incumbent PM Theresa May’s party is set to lose 59 seats in the legislature, which would leave it with 259 seats. The Labour Party is, on the other hand, projected to overtake the Tories by claiming 296 seats.

While that would not give Corbyn the majority needed to form a one-party government, it would be enough for him to rule in a coalition with the Scottish National Party (SNP).

The ‘establishment” will do anything to stop Brexit. May has been a deliberate disaster.