Unplanned Movie avoids much pro-life schlock

I saw it at a private screening last Wednesday. Three thoughts:

1. The film has an R rating for a reason but I did not find it exploitive.

2. Google has classified it as propaganda (of course) so make a point of seeing it, if you can, on principle— and regardless of how you feel about abortion.

Likewise, temporarily demote any cause-of-the-day Google is promoting on principle. We don’t need the former Don’t-Be-Evils telling us how to think.

3. As a critic, I have some issues with some of the choices in screenplay and character development but, let me stress, they are normal critic-type issues. As a persnickety critic, I don’t want to discuss normal critic-type issues in the face of a concerted effort to deep-six the film in social media. I repeat, if you can, order and see it on principle. I’ll discuss my issues with certain artistic decisions later, in a civilized environment.

It’s not currently being shown in Canada. I am told that one can write guestservices@cineplex.com and see where that gets you. Thank heaven for DVD.

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