The Collapse: Is this the end of American Jewry’s golden age?

‘…In due course, the dilemma of political homelessness will split the American Jewish community into three quarrelling pieces: loud but relatively small numbers of leftist, anti-Zionist secular Jews who will fawn like Hannah Arendt’s parvenus over Democrats who openly loathe Israel and indulge in anti-Semitic tropes; even smaller numbers of right-oriented Jews, many religious but many not, who will essentially beg or try to bribe the Republicans for their favor; and a far larger clot of confused Jews who will either become fuzzily apolitical or, perhaps, seek out third-party alternatives that may be waiting in the wings.”

I’m a bit taken aback by the author’s assertion that Jews will never feel at home in what he calls the “White-populist GOP”.

Like they say, some people can’t take yes for an answer. h/t Waffle