Evening Photos + Fluffy Cat

(1) Autumn day (Finland) by Teemu Tretjakov

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(2) Snowy sunset over Olympic National Park (Washington) by Patricia Thomas (@pthomas5313)

(3) Cherry Blossoms (Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France) by Loïc Lagarde

(4) Misty mountains (Colorado) by David Moum (@davidmoum)

(5) Würzburg (Bavaria, Germany) by César Asensio

(6) Deer in the woods (Netherlands) by Lydia Machant

(7) Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia) by Martin Timmann

(8) Snowy sunset (Norbotten County, Sweden) by Maria (@maria.bytheriver)

(9) Wadi Rum (Jordan) by Karol Nienartowicz

(10) Storm lighting: Prince of Wales Hotel (Waterton Lake National Park, Alberta) by Patricia Thomas (@pthomas5313)

(11) Icicles at sunset (Swan Valley, Montana) by John K Mercer Photography (@johnkmercerphotography)

(12) Paris in the fall (France) by Mary Quincy (@mary_quincy)

(Bonus) Fluffy master of all he surveys by Endoh Masatoshi (@endmame370z)


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