Christian U urged to be just another U-seless expense

From Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media:

On Thursday, the evangelical Christian school Taylor University announced it had invited Vice President Mike Pence to give its 2019 graduation speech. A tremendous uproar ensued, with students and alumni reporting that the decision made them “sick” and expressed support for “hate” and “harmful bullish*t.” The school told PJ Media it would not yield to pressure and was still proud to have Pence speak at graduation.

“The invitation stands. We are looking forward to hosting Mr. Pence on our campus next month,” James Garringer, director of media relations at Taylor University, told PJ Media on Friday.

Yet the pressure is mounting. As of Friday afternoon, 2,393 people have signed a petition on protesting the decision to invite Pence. More.

Reality check: It is one thing for Christian universities not to have the money or clout of secular universities. But what if it turns out they don’t even have the brains?

The faculty should demand that each and every one of the signees who wishes to be taken seriously produce a short essay on Pence and US foreign or domestic policy, showing knowledge of the issues. To be evaluated by poli sci profs.

If students just want to emote, fine, please go out of earshot. Anyone claiming psychological problems over the matter should take the semester off to recover. The U should not graduate people who can’t handle the real world.

If Taylor can’t get tough with this crap, it does not deserve to survive.

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