A joint project by the Toronto Star and Buzzfeed news, two totally unbiased news sources, says you’re a gullible idiot

You can’t be sure what you’re clicking on when visiting this Facebook page

A popular Canadian political Facebook page that promotes the far-right Jewish Defence League uses a deceptive technique that evades Facebook’s content bans and drives traffic to anti-Muslim websites.

Never Again Canada, which has nearly 235,000 followers, posts dozens of images, videos and articles every day. The page says it is a platform to combat anti-Semitism, though its posts also stray into unrelated Canadian political topics, like the carbon tax.

They’re very worried you’ll be swayed by “fake news” in the upcoming election. Well it’s not as if The Star and Buzzfeed have ever suffered Trump Derangement Syndrome or trafficked in liberal-left fever swamp conspiracy theory like that Russian collusion stuff so thank goodness they’re here to warn us all to stay away from “bad things” on the internet on account we’re just too dumb.

What the Star and Buzzyfeed are really upset about is that Never Again Canada may have found a way to beat Facebook’s censorship of conservative sites. That is terrible, just horrible, won’t someone think of the children etc bad in their view.

But why don’t they go after Islamist sites or question foreign funding of anti-oil NGO’s or God forbid George Soros? Now there’s a mystery that needs solving.

h/t MP.