The Implosion of Jeremy Corbyn

The leader of the Labour Party not only has failed to confront anti-Semitism but seems unable to acknowledge it as a problem.

It may have been at the Sternberg Centre, where a large overflow marquee housed my London congregation on High Holidays. There was an abandoned trailer in the woods behind it, and us kids would sneak out to play in it. I don’t remember even specifically when it happened. But I remember the sound of the word the first time I heard it spoken, its icy vituperation, the way the speaker’s jaw moved around the syllable. “Kike.”

Even so, until recently, “Anti-Semitism” still struck me as a clinical concept, remote from my daily experiences. But Jeremy Corbyn has recently made it unavoidable. The leader of the Labour Party has managed to create a self-made political calamity of hypnotic proportions, one which could destroy his opposition party even as Brexit immolates the Conservative government.