Infanticide bills trigger backlash against abortion in the US

From Sheila Liaugminas at MercatorNet:

This Marist/Knights of Columbus poll shows a remarkable leap in public opinion even and especially from Democrats and citizens who had identified as “pro-choice”:

In just one month, Americans have made a sudden and dramatic shift away from the pro-choice position and toward a pro-life stance, according to a new Marist poll.

The shift was led by Democrats and those under 45 years old, according to a survey taken Feb.12-17 in the wake of efforts in several states to legalize abortion up until birth.

“Current proposals that promote late-term abortion have reset the landscape and language on abortion in a pronounced – and very measurable – way,”…

“Arguments in favor of late-term abortion are simply not convincing the American people,” said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. “If anything, since these proposals have been unveiled, people are moving noticeably in the pro-life direction. It is now clear that these radical policies are being pursued despite the opposition of the majority of Americans of both parties.” More.

Reality check: Given that the current abortion regime also introduces euthanasia (late term children who survive abortion may be left to die and late term abortion itself apparently involves euthanizing the viable child within the womb), the lives that those people who change their minds save may well be their own. Euthanasia tends to spread and how did we think progressive governments, deep in debt, were going to pay for health care and all those other goodies?

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