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Terry Glavin: It’s official – China is a threat to Canada’s national security

When it comes to defending Canada from the menace posed by the People’s Republic of China, it is now a matter of public record, and should be a matter of some embarrassment to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, if not shame, that the course his government embarked upon almost four years ago was dangerously naive, if not recklessly thoughtless.

Directors vote to cancel 2019 Edmonton Pride Festival

There will be no Edmonton Pride Festival this year.

Less than two months before the 10-day festival was set to take place, the Edmonton Pride Festival Society board of directors voted to cancel the event, according to an email obtained by CBC News.

“In light of the current political and social environment, it has been determined that any attempt to host a festival will not be successful,” reads the email from the board of directors.

Utah: 50 Salt Lake City teachers to be “trained” by Islamic groups ‘how to grasp the needs of Muslim students’

Utah’s Muslim community has mushroomed from a simple student-led prayer group in the 1950s to more than 60,000 adherents of varied ethnicities and a dozen mosques today.

The recently organized Utah Muslim Civic League aims to fill that gap.

In partnership with the league, the Washington-based Institute for Social Policy and Understanding has chosen Salt Lake City for a pilot program to train 50 teachers on how to grasp the needs of their Muslim students.

Five Reasons to Care about RCMP Monitoring Your Social Media

You should care, even be scared, by The Tyee’s reports on the RCMP’s “Operation Wide Awake,” a secretive and unsupervised social media monitoring operation.

We’re already deep into a new era. Police — and businesses and other organizations — have the ability to track citizens in ways unimagined even a decade ago. Social media, the internet, cellphones, algorithms and analytics have given the state extraordinary power to monitor what you think and predict what you might think or do.

Epic Fail: Fight For $15 Results In More Jobs For Walmart Robot Janitors

Seeking to establish a lasting foothold with a coveted demographic, the Dems led by Comrade Bernie began a pressure campaign for a $15 per hour national minimum wage in order to appeal to fast food and retail workers.

While pushing this idea and furthering their socialist ideology, what Bernie and his ilk have not done is to be honest with their armies of aspiring low wage activists that they are essentially hurting themselves by organizing, protesting and bullying corporations into paying a higher wage for unskilled labor that could probably be done more efficiently by trained monkeys.