The new Liberal strategy: turn into Conservatives

Hark! Word comes from Ottawa of the vaunted channel change from SNC-Lavalin!

With everyone busy rubbernecking the multi-car, highway-closing SNC-Lavalin pile up, Finance Minister Bill Morneau went ahead and tabled his budget implementation bill. And buried in that 392-page (!) behemoth was a change to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act that would make it harder to claim refugee status in Canada.

To take things in order: 1) yes, there was a federal budget his year; 2) yes, it is being jammed through the House via an omnibus bill, (which the Liberals promised never to do); 3) yes, omnibus legislation is how Liberals tucked the deferred prosecution agreements into the criminal code for SNC last year; and 4) the Liberals are now massive hypocrites.