Evening Photos + Corgi Puppy

(1) Bokod Floating Houses (Hungary) by Jeremiasz Gądek

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(2) Tree magic (Madeira, Portugal) by Kilian Schönberger

(3) Lake Misurina (Veneto, Italy) by Darko Geršak

(4) Emerald Lake Lodge (Yoho, BC) by Ritz (@ritzrox)

(5) Autumn in a Carpathian village (Ukraine) by Andriy Plyasun

(6) Autumn (Rondane National Park, Norway) by Gävle (@peterlundqvist)

(7) Spring green (Basque Country, Spain) by Jontake

(8) Chilcotin sunrise (B.C.) by Michael Bednar (@michaelbednarphotography)

(9) Peggy’s Cove (Nova Scotia) by Laura Horne (@scotianlaura)

(10) Autumn leaves by Ben Weston

(11) Winter sunset (Swan Valley, Montana) by John K Mercer Photography (@johnkmercerphotography)

(12) Magnolia (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London, England) by Meandering Macaron (@meanderingmacaron)

(Bonus) The scale at the vet today said I was 8.2 pounds! I think about half of that is ears alone! by (@finnfromfargo)


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