RCMP ‘fesses up 817 days later: Planning for Trudeau’s Bahamas trip began months in advance

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s RCMP handlers were vetting The Bahamas as a vacation destination for the prime minister at least nine months before Trudeau took his family on the 2016-2017 Christmas vacation that would cause so much controversy, according to a new document provided to Global News as a result of a request under federal records laws filed more than two years ago.

The new document, in combination with other information published by parliament’s ethics commissioner late in 2017, establishes that the planning for Trudeau’s trip to The Bahamas island owned by the Aga Khan appears to have started earlier than previously thought, a finding which raises, yet again, questions about the judgment of senior political and bureaucratic aides serving the prime minister — aides who, over the months ahead of the trip, never appeared to warn Trudeau of his obligations under the federal Conflict of Interest Act.

Justin’s “family friend” who he hasn’t seen for 30 years gets a call from Sophie asking to crash on the Khan’s private island. Nope. Nothing suspicious goin on here. Should LavScam be properly investigated it won’t be at the hands of the politicized RCMP.