SNC-Lavalin has helped smother an issue far scarier to the Liberals — the carbon tax: Neil Macdonald

Climate change is just not a winner. The government’s new climate change report made moderate news for a day

So word among Liberals in Ottawa is that Katie Telford is counselling steady on, please remain continent, everyone, no need for big drastic action, this too shall pass, onward.

To a lot of them, that’s not reassuring coming from the prime minister’s chief of staff. Justin Trudeau has been hammered constantly since early February; he is weakened, and his responses have been insipid. People who once found him inspiring – something I’ve never understood – don’t seem terribly inspired anymore.

Otherwise loyal party operatives shake their heads in fatalistic puzzlement, and some of his caucus members — the vast majority of whom were elected as rookies in 2015 pretty much solely because of Trudeau — are understandably concerned about losing their seats, any hope of ever being in cabinet, and the lovely pension that re-election guarantees.