I normally don’t bother with the depressing squalor of a David Frum column but will make an exception for this piece on Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau Falls From Grace – The Canadian prime minister faces a political crisis of his own devising.

The depressing squalor of the Trump era has created in liberal Americans a gnawing hunger for leaders to admire. Foreign leaders are especially likely to set liberal hearts aflutter, because they are farther away and their flaws less visible. Of all these alternative “leaders of the free world,” it is perhaps Canada’s Justin Trudeau who has enjoyed the most attention. He proclaims himself a feminist, he hugs Syrian refugees as they arrive at Canadian airports, he performs yoga, he is impossibly handsome—what could go wrong?

But there were always two cracks visible in the face Trudeau presented to the world, and over the past three weeks, those lines have widened.

Once you get passed the first Trump deranged paragraph it’s not so bad.