What Australians are hearing about Justin Trudeau

From John Robson at MercatorNet:

Justin Trudeau is embroiled in an ethical scandal which has tarnished his feminist credentials …
“Ethical considerations couldn’t have been further from his mind if they’d been on Ganymede. Which if he had his way they probably would be. As for practical ones, Lord Melbourne famously if not upliftingly once told his cabinet something to the effect that “I don’t care what d**ned lie we must tell; but not a man of you shall leave this room until we have all agreed to tell the same d**ned lie.”

Trudeau hasn’t even got that much cunning let alone character… or a cheat sheet reminding him what lies he already told. But he has so much conceit he actually thinks he doesn’t need it, and can commit any misdeed he likes and excuse it with any fiction he fancies at any given moment.

It’s not working. The populace at large, and engaged people across the political spectrum, think he’s been bending the law if not breaking it, bullying people and lying. And they think it’s wrong. And they care.” More.

Reality check: We’ll see if people care. If we tune out Trudeau’s soon-to-be “welfare media,” we have a chance at caring.

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