The “You’re a hater” slander’s true purpose

From Michael Cook at MercatorNet:

There is a movement nowadays for people sharing a particular personal identity based on their racial, religious, ethnic, sexual, or cultural backgrounds to huddle together instead of engaging in traditional party politics. The key word is “personal”. Disagreement becomes a personal affront, a hater’s dagger thrust. Issues cannot be resolved by rational discourse because identity is not rational. If political debate poses a mortal threat to one’s inmost being, the natural response is to spurn opponents as haters.

Truth is the best antidote to hatred. Not my truth and your truth, but the conviction that it is possible for both of us to reach agreement on the truth of things with reason, evidence and dialogue. Until we shake off the radical scepticism which is corroding our political discourse, “hater” will continue to be the worst of all insults.More.

Reality check: Michael Cook’s a good head but I believe he is missing something here: In an age of legislation against hate, the claim that someone is a “hater” is used to position them as a criminal and thus erode their liberty, and eventually everyone’s liberty. Deep down, progressives know that are press on to their strangled utopia.

See also: Neuroscientist: How can they deny sex differences in men’s, women’s brains with a straight face? Well, one reason could be that they daren’t admit them, not in the age of the raging Woke.