‘Polarizing’ speaker slated for N.W.T. Chamber of Commerce meeting… say usual suspects

The invitation of a ‘polarizing’ speaker by the N.W.T. Chamber of Commerce is raising some eyebrows.

The chamber invited Vancouver-based blogger Vivian Krause to speak at its annual general meeting and President’s Dinner on April 11 at the Explorer Hotel.

…Benoit, who is not a member of the Chamber of Commerce, plans to attend next week’s meeting to represent Alternatives North, a social justice coalition based in Yellowknife. She said she would rather see the discussion focus on climate change.

“We know that she [Krause] talks about third party funding with environmental organizations in Canada,” Benoit told CBC.

“I think a lot of these issues are frankly sideshows to the real issue which is to talk about climate change and what we must do to face reality.

And she hates being exposed maybe…