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Obama’s college prez says college campuses are no place for free speech

David R. Harris formerly served in the Obama administration and was appointed by him. He waylaid that into a career move as President of Union College in New York. He wrote an essay in March for Inside Higher Education opposing free speech on college campuses. A Campus Is Not a Place for Free Speech, he opined.

If the hardcore left wants colleges to remain as indoctrination institutions, then his statement makes sense. He began his argument against free speech by claiming it was to promote free speech.

Calgarians launch anti-hate task force

Recent attacks against racial and religious groups have sparked a group of Calgarians to create a new anti-hate task force.

Dozens of Calgarians from a wide range of cultural backgrounds filed into the Akram Jomaa Islamic Centre Friday night.

Junaid Mahoon, the head of the Islamic Centre of South Calgary, said he wished the meeting never needed to be held.

“But it is a necessity. It’s not just Canada, the world is ignorant,” Mahoon said. “Unfortunately, it brews further ignorance and hatred because people don’t know better.”

GOLDSTEIN: Liberal smears of Wilson-Raybould a disgrace

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he expelled former Liberal attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould from caucus because she failed to practice his high standard of integrity.

Having chosen this hill to die on, Liberal MPs gave Trudeau a standing ovation because it was the only hill they had left, all previous Liberal attempts to smear Wilson-Raybould having failed.

Germany’s Top Muslim Organization Calls for ‘Islamophobia’ Czar

Germany’s leading Muslim organization has urged the government to appoint a Federal Commissioner to counter anti-Muslim attitudes in the country. “Such a Commissioner is needed more than ever because we have a latent anti-Muslim sentiment in Germany,” president of the country’s Central Council of Muslims, Aiman Mazyek, said.

Mazyek’s demand was supported by leading German political parties, including Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition partner, the Social Democratic Party. The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) was the only party to oppose the call.

Liberals sent $10.5M payout to “unknown third party” to keep it safe from Khadr’s victims

Buried deep inside a National Post story about how the Liberals desperately hunted a “unicorn” — a principled Liberal bureaucrat — is an admission that Trudeau structured the $10.5 million payout to terrorist Omar Khadr, to keep it out of the hands of his victims’ families.

The news of the payment was leaked July 3, 2017, the day before the Canadian born al-Qaeda terrorist was to receive his cash. The Liberals had planned to keep a lid on it until the end of July when their media spin strategy would be firmly in place.