Barbara Kay vs the pit bull defenders

From Barbara Kay at the National Post:

“Politics is downstream from culture,” Andrew Breitbart famously said. Rather less famously, but persistently, this columnist has always maintained that dog politics (which arouses more fervour than human politics) is downstream from human culture. Canine advocacy is permeated with the exact same tropes we hear from social justice warriors: “victims,” “equality,” “rights,” and — the canker that really gnaws away at logic and reason — “racism.”

And, as you guessed, it usually revolves around the right to keep known dangerous breeds of dog.

Pt bulls, Kay tells us, are responsible for more than half of all dogbite hospital admissions.

Goldwater’s argument — which Superior Court Justice Lukasz Granosik rejected Tuesday — came down to dogs being “sentient beings” that have “biological needs.” This ridiculous strain of logic could, if taken seriously, turn us all into vegans by law, and end animal celibacy, the lot of most companion animals. Alexandre Paul-Hus, a lawyer for the city of Montreal, countered that Shotta’s case was not “borderline” or even legally “ambiguous.” Paul-Hus noted, “The act of euthanasia, if it is done in a fair and dignified manner … is not a murder. It is not a crime nor an infraction.” More.

Reality check: One of the outcomes of widespread claims that humans are just animals is that the reverse is assumed to be true, and humans must just take their lumps.

Actually, you can’t have one without the other. For your own good, you should be a human exceptionalist. And why does anyone think it will stop at animals?

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Is salad murder? If we think plants are “equal organisms” with respect to humans, it’s not clear whether salad is or isn’t murder. Or whether murder is even a serious ethical problem.