33-week baby aborted, records accidentally reveal

From Cheryl Sullenger at LifeNews:

Late yesterday, Operation Rescue obtained 911 records that revealed shocking details of a medical emergency that took place on April 2, 2019, at Warren Hern’s notorious Boulder Abortion Clinic. …

The child was 33 weeks gestation. Yes, you read that right. Something went wrong for the mother and somehow a public rather than a private ambulance service was called.

Hern’s website indicates that abortions done after 26 weeks gestation take four days. …

“Abortions done this late on teens tend to be for reasons other than fetal anomaly. We have evidence that teens seek late-term abortions because of denial, fear of others finding out, or even not wanting to miss out on a special event*,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Polls** show that 75% of all Americans oppose abortions after the first trimester – and probably more if they understood we were talking about an abortion at 33 weeks of pregnancy.”

The first three days involves ending the life of the baby with a toxic injection, followed by several rounds of dilators to widen the cervix in preparation for delivery. Labor is induced and the baby is dismembered and removed, or may be born intact. More.

Reality check: At this point, all I ever say to people who diddle and daddle about “the fetus” is, in the age of legal euthanasia, that’s you. Reasons for ending the kid’s life – if the kid is in the way – are reasons for ending your life if you are in the way.

Progressive politicians, as we know, have become much more open about support for ensuring the deaths of babies who survive abortion, even though those kids are legally just like you and me.  If people are fine with that, I hope they are fine with it when it comes round to them.

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