Man’s Laws Do Not Apply to Jussie Smollett

If you were skeptical of Jussie Smollett’s story from the beginning, join the club. It sounded unlikely to begin with, and it just got worse every time he opened his mouth. By the time he started lying his ass off to an utterly credulous Robin Roberts on GMA, even his staunchest defenders couldn’t come up with any good excuses (which didn’t stop them from spouting a bunch of bad ones). He was obviously guilty as hell. Everybody acted shocked when the Cook County state’s attorney suddenly dropped the charges anyway, but to me it was just a reminder that this whole mess is happening in Chicago, the most corrupt city in America.

Smollett, who is clearly out of his damn mind, declared vindication. He’s above mere mortals and our silly little laws. So the following news doesn’t surprise me one bit.