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New Documentary Exposes ISIS Recruitment Of Children

Canadian mother Christine Boudreu is hoping parents will listen to her painful story. Islamic State (ISIS) recruited her child and he died fighting for the terrorist organization in Syria.

What makes a child growing up in western society do this?

Part of the answers may reside in the gut wrenching testimony of family and parents, like Boudreu, who candidly recount how ISIS recruits – in the powerful documentary KIDS- Chasing Paradise.

Further, the filmmakers expose the “brutal exploitation of youth by extremists worldwide” and showcases experts, analysts and others who are confronting the new global threat of Islamist extremist recruitment.

Los Angeles Times: ALL Democrats ‘Genuflect’ to Al Sharpton Now

The Times reports, in an article titled, “For Democrats, all paths to the White House run through the House of Sharpton,” that “[f]ew things once seemed more improbable” than Sharpton styling himself as a presidential kingmaker, given that he was so toxic that even mayors of New York City did not want Sharpton in town.

In 2008, Barack Obama would not touch Sharpton, making it clear that he did not even want Sharpton’s endorsement. But Obama later turned to Sharpton to help shore up black support, and rehabilitated him.

Freeland says foreign election meddling in October federal vote is likely

Malign foreign actors will likely try to meddle in Canada’s federal election in October, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says.

“I think our judgment is interference is very likely and we think there has probably already been efforts by malign foreign actors to disrupt our democracy,” Freeland said Friday in France, while attending a G7 ministers’ meeting.

The G7 is seized with the issue of foreign intrusions in democratic countries and Freeland made the issue a top priority when Canada hosted the bloc last year.

Child brides as young as TEN ‘are being advertised on Facebook’ and sold to men ‘old enough to be their grandfathers’ in Nigeria

Usually in the Becheve community, parents of the money brides take the girls to men who can afford to pay for their daughters

But in recent months, families who are so desperate to give their children away for money turn to Facebook so their kinsmen can check them out.

‘The practice is meant to boost the status of the men in Becheve community,’ Magnus Ejikang, a local chief in Ogbakoko, told The Daily Beast. ‘The more brides you have, the more respect you gain in the community.’

Canadian Economy Loses 7,200 Jobs, Even Worse Losses In Private Sector

Canada’s unemployment rate (which absurdly doesn’t include people who have given up on finding work) remains at 5.8%. By contrast, the unemployment rate in the United States is just 4.0%.

The numbers in the private sector were even worse, with 17,300 private sector jobs being lost.

Ontario and Quebec both lost jobs, as did Alberta, where Rachel Notley is trailing in the polls due in large part to anger towards her failed economic record.