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STUDY: ‘Toxic Masculinity’ May Be The Reason For ‘Climate Change’ – Research delves into ‘Green-Feminine Stereotype’ & ‘Gender incongruence’

When a person walks out of the grocery store holding an eco-friendly canvas bag instead of a plastic bag, what gender do you think they are? Most likely, your unconscious bias answers that they are female. This is the type of answer Dr. Aaron Brough of Utah State University is trying to get to the bottom of through his research.

Brough co-authored a paper with professors from four other universities to understand how gender norms affect sustainable decision making. They report data from seven experiments that included over 2,000 participants from the US and China. What they found was remarkable.

Mormon Church: Now Okay to Baptize Kids of LGBT Parents, Gay Marriage No Longer ‘Apostasy’

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Mormon church, announced today that the children of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) parents can now be baptized in the church. In addition, the church said it no longer considers same-sex marriage “apostasy.”

“At the direction of the First Presidency, President Oaks shared that effective immediately, children of parents who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender may be baptized without First Presidency approval if the custodial parents give permission for the baptism and understand both the doctrine that a baptized child will be taught and the covenants he or she will be expected to make,” the Mormon General Conference Leadership Session stated on April 4.

Ford government considers making all teachers pass an annual math test to continue teaching

The Ford government in Ontario is considering implementing a new mandatory math test that all teachers would need to pass in order to continue teaching.

The test would apply to primary and secondary teachers even if they didn’t teach math.

According to the CBC, the Progressive Conservatives would implement this test to improve declining student math scores across Ontario.

Rep. Jayapal: Protect Transgender Freedom by Regulating All Americans

I came to understand what their newfound freedom ― it is the only way I can describe what has happened to my beautiful child, what their newfound freedom to wear a dress, to rid themselves of some conformist stereotype of what they are, to be able to express who they are at their real core … My child is free to be who they are. And in that freedom comes a responsibility for us as legislators to protect their freedom to be who they are and to legislate … behavior towards all people in our society.

Election film that tells the truth about Finland and Europe banned from cinemas due to “racism”

The cinema chain Finnkino has refused to air the Finns Party’s political ad, called “A story of being seriously pissed off”, just before the parliamentary election in Finland.

The comic book style video has been posted in full on Youtube, both in English and in Finnish, and it was shared on the parties various social media platforms recently.

Tuesday it was announced that they can no longer air it on the AMC owned cinema chain Finnkino, and the ad was pulled immediately.