Islamic preachers have increasing influence in Dutch education, intelligence service warns

Dutch intelligence service AIVD warns of radical influences in education in its annual report for 2018. According to the service, “radical Islamic boosters” play an increasingly emphatic role in the education offer for young Muslims in the Netherlands. In the long term, this could undermine the democratic legal order, the AIVD said, NOS reports.

As examples, the AIVD mentioned the “at first sight accessible and innocent” after-school lessons in Arabic and Islam. “We believe, however, that children and young people are alienated from society by this interpretation of education and may be hindered in their participation in society. This is caused by the intolerant and anti-democratic views of the initiators. According to the AIVD, “a new group of eloquent preachers” has been trained, and part of this group is not necessarily opposed to the violent jihadist ideology.

Last month NRC reported that controversial British Sharia preacher Haitham Al Haddad gave “covert” lessons at Amsterdam high school Cornelius Haga Lyceum.