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How The Terrorists Won In New Zealand

After the now infamous “Mosque Attack” in New Zealand, the sad and pathetic excuse of a Prime Minister has given what the terrorists wanted while exploiting the tragedy to snuff out civil liberties and ancient civil rights in order to appeal this modern-day “age of feelz.”

Not only has, within days, the possession of semi-automatic rifles (with scant few exceptions) suddenly banned, which the vast majority of gun owners ignored and criminals openly scoffed at, was declared to be “just the beginning“.

Uber-left Rockstar Roger Waters gets trolled by Israeli officials for April Fool’s. He’s not taking it well.

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters was incensed by an April Fool’s Day prank by Israel’s Strategic Affairs Ministry.

The British rock star, who actively promotes the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, was anything but amused when the ministry punked him by announcing a fake summer show in Tel Aviv, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Trudeau government continues to push for social media censorship of ‘fake news’

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said the Trudeau government is looking “very, very carefully” at forcing social media companies to censor “toxic communications” on their platforms.

But what exactly the Liberals’ definition of “toxic communications” or “fake news” is is still up in the air.

Arizona Students Facing Charges After Harassing Border Patrol Agents

Last month, The Daily Wire reported that two Border Patrol agents were harassed when they came to speak about their careers to criminal justice majors at the university.

Several videos showed students interrupting the officers’ presentation and following them out of the classroom to their cars while chanting “murder patrol.”

New Climate Change Report Should Be a Wakeup Call

What do Ebola and climate change have in common? A large number of the people at risk don’t even believe they’re real.

And even a new federal government report warning that Canada is warming at twice the global rate is unlikely to change those people’s minds.