When I was a kid my folks could not afford to send us to the movies. Somehow we lived.

Sports and concert tickets meant for low-income kids used instead by Rosedale couple, staff at their government-funded non-profit

Charity donations of tickets to some of Toronto’s hottest sports and concert events — tickets that were supposed to go to kids from low-income families — have instead been used by a well-off Rosedale couple, their family, work colleagues and visitors from France.

The couple, Leonie Tchatat and Guy Taffo, run a government-funded agency that receives thousands of dollars worth of tickets from a Toronto charity on the condition they will be used to give low-income youth under the age of 18 a special night out.

I don’t begrudge any kid getting a chance to attend an event I just doubt a Justin Timberlake concert is the “life changing” experience this whole charity gig is premised upon. Sounds very “white people publicly displaying their vanity guilt” to me. And if you check out the Kids Up Front directors page that’s pretty much the story.

h/t MP