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New Muslim Lawmaker Blames Trump, White Nationalism for Christian Prayer

Freshman Muslim lawmaker in the Pennsylvania state house Movita Johnson Harrell was deeply offended by a Freshman Christian lawmaker saying a typical Christian prayer which mentioned Jesus’s name about twelve times.

Movita claims the prayer was meant to intentionally harm her even though the congresswoman Stephanie Borowicz said it was not meant to offend. For her, it’s a typical prayer.

Mexico Preparing for 20,000 Strong “Mother of all Caravans”

Mexico’s Interior Secretary, Olga Sanchez Cordero, has warned of the possibility that a caravan with up to 20,000 migrants could soon arrive in her country with the intentions of traveling to the United States.

On Wednesday the Mexican government official claimed she had received information about such a group forming in the Central American nation of Honduras.

Carbon pricing is back

Carbon pricing is back in Ontario as of Monday even as Ontario’s Doug Ford government and the federal Liberals remain locked in a confusing back-and-forth jurisdictional dispute.

The two sides won’t even agree on what to call it — the province says it’s a “carbon tax” and the feds dub it “pollution pricing.”

Omar stars on Vogue cover, says head cover means power and liberation. Folks had some questions …

According to anti-Semitic Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar, the hijab she proudly dons daily as she struts through Congress symbolizes “power, liberation, beauty and resistance.”

She revealed this last week in an interview with Vogue magazine.

“Wearing her hijab allows her to be a ‘walking billboard’ not only for her faith but also for representing something different from the norm,” the left-wing purveyor wrote.

Mexican Migrants Arrested near Canadian Border

Agents patrolling near Waterville, Maine, apprehended two men who were “illegally present in the U.S. The agents arrested the two Mexican nationals and transported them to the station for processing and a biometric background investigation, according to information obtained from Houlton Sector Border Patrol officials.

The routine background investigation revealed that immigration officers previously removed one of the two Mexican men on three separate occasions. His first removal by immigration officers occurred in 2003, officials reported.

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