Top American science mag mourns the loss of legacy mainstream media

From Matthew P. Hitt, Joshua Darr, and Johanna Dunaway at Scientific American:

The past few decades have been similarly tragic for American local media: longstanding newspapers, big and small, have closed in unprecedented numbers; Americans are turning away from local news sources and towards online and nationally televised programs to learn about politics; and even local television news is focusing on national partisanship and politics, as Sinclair Broadcasting acquires more affiliates…

There are no doubt many reasons for the rise of partisanship, but our research, using voting data from across the country over a four year period, recently uncovered an important one: the loss of local newspapers. As local newspapers disappear, citizens increasingly rely on national sources of political information, which emphasizes competition and conflict between the parties. More.

Reality check: In short, we are learning how much we have been kept unaware of the forces changing our lives. Make no mistake; elite groups would like to go back to the days when you just didn’t know things they didn’t want you to.

Chances are, however, they’ll use deceptive social media techniques more often than censorship. Remember that nothing in life is free. The “free” social media are not free; you are volunteering your mind.

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