New Zealand loses touch with liberal democracy

In the wake of the mass murder. Doing exactly what the accused, Tarrant, had hoped.

From J.D. Tuccille at Reason:

“The greatest danger to democracy is a struggling population in search of easy answers,” commented Philip Freeman, now a professor of classics at Pepperdine University, during a 2016 Arizona State University forum on demagoguery. As demagogues go, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern looks less like a Mussolini-type leading a mob and more like a participant in the panic trotting just a bit faster than the others and eager to mouth as many “easy answers” as it takes to avoid getting trampled by the rest…

New Zealanders looking for relevant information about the massacre from overseas will encounter yet more censorship. ISPs are limiting access to websites elsewhere “following specific requests from the government.”

They also may run afoul of their countries’ spies, on the lookout for just such end-runs around the law. New Zealand’s domestic surveillance apparatus, which Edward Snowden has already revealed as intrusive, says it has stepped up its efforts after the attack. No doubt much of that effort will be expended to find legitimate threats—although some innocent people may be rousted along the way. But people retaining newly illegal guns or perusing forbidden documents may want to be sure to draw the curtains. More.

Reality check: If the ban were needed, it wouldn’t work. That is, if New Zealanders were at all inclined to mass murder, the ban on reading about it wouldn’t matter. If they aren’t, it is just a way for increasingly elitists governments to grab power.

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