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POTUS Trump Now Turns To D.C. Swamp And Says, “MY TURN.”

Lots of whispers circulating in and around Washington D.C. regarding a Trump White House that is set to unleash an investigative push back against all those false accusors that have been peddling the dangerous and divisive Trump-Russia hoax for the last two years.

Word is members of both the Clinton and Obama gang are bracing for impact.

UCP leader says ‘real tension’ lies behind Albertans’ support for secession

The leader of Alberta’s United Conservative Party says many people in the province support secession from Canada, based on what he calls “a real tension that runs through the hearts of many Albertans.”

The party states in a news release that a recent poll found “a shocking 50 per cent of Albertans surveyed said they support secession from Canada.”

French Muslim council files against Facebook & YouTube for distributing Christchurch shooting video

The French Council of Muslim Faith (CFCM) announced they will file a complaint against Facebook and YouTube for hosting the video of the New Zealand shooting, claiming the platforms helped spread the shooter’s hateful message.

The CFCM announced their decision to file the complaint on Monday, saying the social media sites had disseminated “violent messages inciting terrorism,” which “seriously undermine human dignity” and were “likely to be seen or perceived by a minor,” according to a copy of the complaint sent to AFP.

David Attenborough vows to convince “blind” Donald Trump climate change is real

Naturalist Sir David Attenborough wants to come face to face with his most ­dangerous beast yet — as he tries to convince Donald Trump that ­climate change is real.

The president said global warming was a hoax in his 2016 election campaign but has since failed to take a clear stance.

Now, Sir David, 92, has said with us facing disaster, he would not shirk from confronting him.

Quebec is about to become a dangerous province for men

The Quebec government has decided to establish a committee of “experts” to discuss the possibility of creating a special tribunal for allegations or sexual or domestic violence. Minister of Justice Sonia LeBel cited a lack of confidence in the legal system as the justification for this committee but says that reversing the burden of proof for the accused is not on the table.

LeBel’s office has not replied to The Post Millennial’s request to discover the names of the 13 people selected to sit on the committee, though actress Patricia Tulasne has announced herself as one of the members of the panel. Tulasne hardly qualifies as an expert.